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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Essay on Weight Loss Surgery

Essay on Weight Loss Surgery

 Is Surgery a Good Way to Lose Weight and Be Healthy?

            For the past decades, there had been great improvements in the technology which lead to more comfort, luxury and convenience for people. This recent technology though have a great impact on the shift in people’s lifestyles. This shift of lifestyle includes dramatic changes on the people’s eating habits, physical activities, and other health habits. Together with these changes is the alarming occurrence of many health problems and medical conditions that confront us today. One of the leading health problems today that also cause other illnesses or even death is obesity. 

            In the past years, there were significant increases on the number of people that are overweight in the United States and in other countries. The World Health Organization even called obesity as an epidemic as it already affects over 65% of the American population (World Health Organization). Being overweight and obese also increases the risk of a person for other serious illnesses such diabetes, cancer, stroke, gallbladder diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Because of the alarming outcomes of obesity, a lot of people are becoming concerned about their weight and health. Many overweight and obese people who want to lose weight either opt for the traditional means like healthy diet, rigid exercise and physical activities or the instant mean which involves surgery. Weight loss surgery is usually seen as a quick fix for long term problem and struggle with weight. There are thousands of people who undergo weight surgery every year in the United States. Despite of the perception as an easy remedy for losing weight, is surgery really a good way to lose weight and be healthy?

            Weight loss surgery may be an effective and fast mean of regaining a healthy body weight but it is just recommended for those people who have tried every way to lose weight in a long period of time but remained unsuccessful. Also, it will just be recommended for those patients who have very serious health problems wherein weight loss is seen as a way to positively affect their health status. There are two primary kinds of weight surgery; the gastric binding and the gastric bypass. In gastric binding, the top of the stomach will be bound by a certain and. This binding can cause a certain kind of fullness after eating even a small amount of food. It will also require to eat food slowly. On the other hand the gastric bypass is a surgery where a smaller stomach is made. This smaller stomach will also have the same effect as the gastric binding (NHS Choices). 

            Thought weight-loss surgeries and associated with fast and long lasting weight loss, the process of surgery is also very risky a it involves major changes in the body. Because of the risk involve, the operation will just be available for some patients who would meet the criteria for being a plausible candidate for the surgery. In order to be considered for a weight loss surgery, a person should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more, have a weight related health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The aspiring candidate should also have tried losing weight by different exercises and diets. They also need to be in a healthy condition before having an operation. Lastly they should commit to long term follow-up checkups after the surgery. 

            Surgery may be a fast mean towards losing weight but it is not the best option out there. Changing lifestyle like having healthy eating habits, undergoing healthy diet and engaging in physical activities like exercises will always be the best ways to achieve weight loss. Weight surgery should be seen by people as the last option. Eating a balance diet and increasing physical activities are still the best options when it comes to weight loss. With these means, there would be a lesser chance for health risks . Committing to a regular exercise and keeping a healthy diet will result in a more lasting weight loss. Surgery is only a tool in losing weight but it does not necessarily means that once you’ve had it, you can maintain the weight loss. There will be no guarantee that you can keep your weight once you had surgery. You still have to exercise and to be on a diet to maintain the weight you wanted.

            Another reason that made surgery as being the best way in losing weight and becoming healthy is that it is very risky. Since it involves major operation, it also associated with serious health risks and side effects. Some of the risk in this kind of major surgery include infection, blood clot, bleeding , reactions to anesthesia and breathing problems. The rapid weight loss can also have very negative effects on a person’s body. It has been reported that around 1 out of 12 people who undergo weight-loss surgery develops gallstones usually 10 months after the surgery. Another complication that people who undergone weight-loss surgery may experience is the stomal stenosis. In stomal stenosis, the small intestines are blocked by a piece of food thus leading to the persistent vomiting of the person. After the surgery, around 1 out 35 people also develop an intolerance for certain food (NHS Choices).

            Surgery is a fast mean of losing weight but it is not the best and healthiest option to do. Developing healthy habits, eating a balanced diet and increasing physical activities through exercise will always be the best means for weight loss. Surgery also involve many health risks and complications making it the last option for weight loss. 


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