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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Essay on the Meaning of Healthy

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please answer these two question and write 500 words for each.
1) What does being healthy mean to you? In other words, how would you define health ?
2) Certification: Why do you think most states require certification of health educators at the secondary level but not the elementary level? Do you agree or disagree with this? Why?

Essay on the Meaning of Healthy

The words “health” or “healthy” means a lot of things to different people. Some may think health as the physical state of the body, while others refer to health as the state of mind or mental health. The views on human health have been greatly influenced by what we see in the media, what we read in books, or by what are being taught to us.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." This means that health does not only pertain to the physical state of the body but it also includes the general well-being of the person.
My definition of health closely follows the WHO definition. However, I also want to include spiritual health. Spiritual health, for me, has a big role in molding the character of a person. When a person has personal faith, this gives them something to hold on to or the determination to push harder when things get rough so that mean less stress and worry.
Being healthy for me does not only mean the absence of disease, it’s also about having a positive outlook in life. I believe that how our mind thinks affects our physical bodies. That is why people who are stressed all the time also have overworked bodies that cope with the demands of their job. Too much stress really is considered unhealthy. Meanwhile, the people who choose to become worry-free, or those who perform relaxing exercises such as yoga or meditation, have healthy bodies.
Being healthy for me also means eating healthy. The way we eat these days are heavily based on what is shown in the media and it ranges from fad diets to plain comfort food. Eating a balanced meal is important in becoming healthy because a lot of diseases nowadays are lifestyle diseases and a big contributor to that is having unhealthy food choices. Unhealthy food choices can cause obesity, hypertension or even diabetes. Foods that are deep fried, fast food, carbonated drinks and most processed foods are considered unhealthy but when these are taken in moderate or little amounts, it is not. That’s why thinking before we eat is the key to becoming healthy.
Most states require certification of health educators at the secondary level but not on the elementary level because I think this prepare the students for entry into public health careers. Having accredited health educators can somehow encourage the student to pursue a health career which is always welcome and needed in the society.
Another reason is that students in the secondary level are in the pre-adolescent stage and it is at this stage where hormones start to kick in and the body changes to pre-adult form. It is at this stage wherein students start to become curious about their sexuality and their physical appearances. It is important that these questions be properly addressed by a professional so that these students can be guided. However, not all students can openly talk about this with their respective families because of the differences in culture and world views. That is why schools should be equipped with well-rounded health educators who can openly address these issues as well as provide guidance to achieve a good physical, mental and social state of health.
However, I do not agree with just the secondary level having certified health educators. I believe that when it comes to promoting human health, every school level should have access to certified health educators. For instance, elementary children are more vulnerable to injury since they like to play and are more curious about their environment. Elementary children are also exposed to the media that heavily promotes sex and other health issues that they too start to wonder about it at an early stage. Elementary students may differ in age and maturity than those in the secondary level but this does not mean they do need the proper guidance.

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