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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Essay on the National Status of Pandemic Flu

INSTRUCTIONS:  I need this essay to evaluate the national status of the pandemic flu.
I need the following included:
-the nature,scope, history, risks and challenges of the crisis

-strategies for the planning, management and communication of an
effective crisis response

-discussion of environmental health policies addressing the crisis
including recommendations for policy changes and development

P.S. only use scientific or scholarly journals in your research

We are not foreign to the fear and threat that pandemic flu brings to our lives and homes. There have been several cases we witnessed that had raised national and international concerns regarding risk management and pandemic preparedness/awareness drives to further mitigate the contiguous nature of the disease because aside from its being a health hazard, negative consequences of a pandemic also extend to economic wellness. Throughout the course of history, it is worth noting that as we advance in time, the number of pandemic flu-related deaths is seen to decrease. This I trust is a possible indication of improved preparation and risk mitigating ability of US and even the world against pandemic flu.
There are certain criteria the WHO uses as a guideline in declaring a pandemic flu scenario and these are (, 2013):
1.                          The virus is new for humans and limited or no immunity is present in the human  population
2.                          The new virus has already infected humans
3.                          The virus is highly transmissible from human to human
WHO also uses standardized alert levels that correspond with the risk assessment of the global situation regarding the influenza virus possessing a pandemic potential. History has witnessed a number of pandemic flu cases but it is worth noting that it was during the latest A(H1N1) in 2009 that the World Health Organization was able to first utilize its pandemic preparedness guideline or the Pandemic Influenza Risk Management  which was first published in 1999 (WHO,  2013, p. 3). By nature influenza viruses are continuously evolving making influenza pandemics hard to predict even if it’s recurring. Accordingly, new strains emerge from time to time causing new influenza virus subtype with characteristics different from all previous viruses that cause diseases in human population contiguous enough to spread quickly and threaten the globe (, 2013). Each emerging flu virus brings experts to learn better knowledge with how to contain if not eliminate the virus through vaccine and other measures.
Central to the WHO is its Risk management plan that is prescribed to be adapted by its member countries. In US, the Federal Government also follows a national protocol mandated by the White House focusing on a strategy to address the threat of influenza. Such response is segmented in three priorities: (1) stop, slow or limit the spread of a pandemic to the United States; (2) limit the domestic spread of a pandemic an mitigate disease, suffering and death; (3) sustain infrastructure and mitigate impact of the economy and the functioning society (HomelandSecurity Council, 2006, p.1). US maintain a rigorous surveillance measure updated weekly to evaluate the flu activity in all its states. It suffices to know that the government is very serious in its attempt to manage possible flu outbreaks in all its states enabling it to act on the matter fast. The WHO on the other hand notes that Member States had prepared for a pandemic of high severity but appeared unable to adapt to their national and subnational responses adequately to a more moderate event (WHO, 2013, p. 1). Lower levels of the government must be trained and educated regarding flu outbreak management. This I think is one important aspect the government should prioritize.   

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