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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Essay on E-Commerce in Business

Essay on E-commerce in Business
Technology plays very vital roles in the society today. Their inventions have actually changed the society as a whole. They have made things possible that not anyone from the past actually imagined its capabilities of either the construction or destruction of a society.
Other than the personal benefits that people can gather from technologies, the business world has in fact allowed greater changes in their functions and performance. With the use of technology, industries have become more efficient in their operation, which should thus lead to better societal improvements and development.

In ERP settings
One of the roles technology plays in the operations of business is on the ways that enterprise-wide planning are settled and implemented. Enterprise wide planning can come in many different sets of activities from finance and budget, marketing, engineering, warehousing, human resource and the like. In order to manage relative information as well as in managing the functions of the administrative and core process, technology performs its roles through the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.  Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders (Bidgoli, 2004). Managers in the business get to access and use this information so that there can be smooth flow of operations to its production and administration. As an over-all, it would be solely for organization and practice purpose that technology play in the enterprise-wide planning section of the business.

 In Supply Chain Management
Other than the enterprise-wide planning, technology can play very significant roles in the means that suppliers, warehouse and distribution of goods are managed. Supply chains are very dynamic activities in the business that solely includes the need for proper management and efficient application of tasks and duties. There are many companies that rely on this part of its operation and thus, it should be important that involvement in the technology should actually turn handling of supply chains to be well and smooth. Collaboration of companies has been one of the biggest benefits that supply chains were able to create with technology. With today’s advancement of the internet and also the availability of the software like the ones in ERP, companies from the different parts of the world can now work together in order to provide and share ideas and ways of doing business.

Customer Relationship Management
Customers are of course one of the main key towards company’s success. If customers are managed well in terms of relationships and interaction, the business will surely attain its most desirable profits and income. Technology can also play a great role in the ways that companies managed their consumers. The marketing of its products and services can be efficiently done with technology. For one, the internet with its web tool technologies will be able to reach as wide market as they can. It should also allow firms to become knowledgeable of the customer’s ultimate desire and needs and by identifying these can actually make the companies become close to their customers. Pricing, distribution, advertising, targeting and other related activities for the market can be well sustained and attained through the CRM systems.

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