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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control Law

Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control Law

Gun Control Movement was reinforced by the many incidents of public shootings during the past few years with the Columbine incident in particular. A Mother’s Day March dubbed as a Million Mom March was to be held on Washington CD. . This planned event is designed basically to ignite emotions rather than endorse rational thinking. Based on the information about gun control, it’s clear to see why anti-gun lobbyists rely on sheer emotion rather than logical thinking to present its cause.

There are some facts about gun-control that are not touched by mainstream media. Some people say that thousands of innocent children die every year through gun accidents. This is not the case. In 1997, a total number of 142 children under 15 yrs died from gunshot wounds, while the adults who died from guns were 642.

President Clinton stated that gun shows are liable for numerous firearms that fall into the criminals. US Justice Department shows that at most, only 2% of guns of criminals were bought in gun shows(Crooker, 102).

They always refer to the shooting at Columbine High School last year as a perfect illustration of the lack of tough government laws. This is not true. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris violated around twenty firearm laws in gathering their horde of weapons. This is exclusive of murder cases.
People believe that the states allowing registered citizenry to hold concealed guns have less crime rates that those states that don’t. This is a fact. There are 31 states that allow private citizenry to hold concealed arms have 24% lesser violent crimes, 19% lesser murder victims, and 39% lesser robbers than states that ban guns.

Some think that waiting periods lessen the rates of crimes. This is false. Studies show that there is no significant relation between violent crimes and waiting periods. David McDowell, an anti-gun researcher from University of Maryland, has found out that gun suicides and homicides are not influenced by these waiting periods.

According to other people, lesser murder rates of other countries support the theory that gun control really works. This is one fallacy. Data show that the wide varieties of cultures and nations have no effect on suicide and murder rates and the laws governing gun control.

In Switzerland and Israel, a permit to own guns is accessible to every qualified citizen (Henigan, 267). Guns can be easily obtained in these countries. The two countries with diverse cultures permit the prevalence of holding concealed weapons. A top medical supporter of gun control Dr. Arthur Kelleman, admits that despite and in spite of the accessibility of guns, the crime rates of these nations are comparable to the rate of crimes in the United Sates.

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