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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Find Credible Sources Online

How to Find Credible Sources Online

In this day and age researching is not only confined to the traditional sources like books, journals, magazines and the like. Internet researching is already one of the most used sources in academic researching. Unless, you are used to custom essay writing choosing which ones of these references may be difficult.  But how do we make sure that the source that we got is credible enough to use in our papers? Here are some tips that can be of practical use to those who are writing custom essays.

  1. One of the more reliable online sources is any website by a well-established news organization. For example CNN and BBC have a good reputation for delivering balanced news to the whole world. They now have their website wherein one can read their top stories for the day. If you use the articles written in their website you can be sure that they are factual and that they are not inventing stories because the people that wrote those articles are part of the news organization. It is not written by just any stranger.  Just be sure that you log on to their official site because there are a lot of bogus accounts out there.
  2. You can also look at the publisher of the online source that you are using. If it is a reputable publisher like Random house, McGraw Hill or Cambridge University press then more or less the things that they publish online is reliable and true. Just make sure once again that you got it from their official website.
  3. If the website is very obvious in promoting something or a certain product that is not a reliable source.  In writing custom essays, you want your source to be objective.  Sources should be balanced and not opinion based. It should be objective and it should only state facts.
  4. An online source is considered not reliable if the author or the maker of the website only states his opinion over a certain issue. For example you come across a personal blog site of a certain person then most probably that person is just stating his opinion in a certain issue. You cannot use that in an academic paper because he/she doesn’t have thorough research to back up his/her claim.
  5. Use of Wikipedia as a reference in an academic paper is also prohibited.  Wikipedia entries are considered unreliable because its contents can be edited by anybody who may not be an authority on the subject.

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