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Monday, August 8, 2011

Helpful Descriptive Essay Tips

There are two qualities that differentiate a good writer from a bad writer.  These are the attentiveness to details and the skill in writing thorough and detailed descriptions of individuals, objects, events and experiences.  What does the food smell? What are your experiences during your vacation? What did you do to find the treasure? A detailed description of your subject can actually make the readers see what you are saying, feel what you are feeling, taste what you are eating, and smell what you are smelling. 

If you want your readers to stay glued to your descriptive essay you need to be able to write apt and thorough descriptions of the individual object, event or experience you are describing.  It is not enough that you say that the girl is alluring or the boy is hot.  You must be able to state her descriptions that made you conclude that the girl is alluring or that the boy is hot. 

Below are some helpful tips that you can use in writing descriptive essays:

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1. Start with an opinion.  Before you jump the gun and start describing your subject you need to start with a thesis statement.  What is your subject and why do you want to describe your subject to your reader? Why is it important for your readers to read your descriptive essay?

2. Describe using the senses.  In writing descriptive essays you need to be able to relay to your reader the detailed descriptions of your subject.  This can only be done by describing your subject using the five senses which are the touch, taste, sound, sight and smell.  You need to be able to utilize all these senses and the more you are able to describe what you have sensed that more the readers will be engaged in your essay.

3. Turn abstract concepts to concrete description.  In writing descriptive essay about the Great Wall of China do not just say that the way is great and awesome.  These are abstract concepts that do not appeal to anybody’s senses.  You can describe that though the Great Wall of China was built 2,000 years ago its main structures are still intact for the world to see making it one of the most appealing tourist attractions all over the world.  If you are writing a descriptive essay about your most memorable summer detail your experience so your readers may be convinced that it is indeed a memorable summer.  Did you meet anybody during summer? Did you spend time with your family? A detailed and concrete description will help in improving your descriptive essay.

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