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Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Simple Steps in Writing Personal Statement Essays

Personal statement essays can make or break applicants. Some institutions pay little attention to it, but most refer to it as the most important part of the application. However, it is important to make excellent personal statement essays for it is the only way you could talk directly to a school board or a possible employer about yourself; your achievements and the reason why you are talking to them in the first place.

Writing an outstanding personal statement essay is crucial. You have to make it brief but concise. To aid applicants in writing these essays, here are five easy steps to follow.

1.                  Brainstorming.  Personal essays are best if they are short yet complete.  But applicants often find it difficult to make all their ideas fit in one essay. It is vital then that writers brainstorm their ideas and identify which of those are most important.

2.                  Organize. The product of brainstorming will not be efficient without proper organization of contents. Making an outline will be very helpful as it will serve as the backbone of the paper. This can be easily done using a bullet-point list.

3.                  Start salient. The opening paragraph should immediately grab the readers’ attention. It can be done by telling an anecdote, quoting famous lines, laying controversial issues; anything that can hook a reader through the rest of the paper.

4.                  Brag gracefully. The main purpose of the essay is to let the readers know what you have achieved and what more you can accomplish, especially for them. So brag a little, but do it gracefully and honestly that you it won’t be an obvious brag.  More importantly tell the screening committee what you can contribute to the high school, college or university.  It is not enough for the applicant to tell the screening committee how much he wanted to be accepted in the high school, college or university. 

5.                  End with a compelling note. In concluding a personal statement essay, it is important to make your reader realize that they need you with them. End positively, create a high vibe. This can be done by telling the reader the best that they can look forward to with you in their institution.

After everything is done, make sure to proofread your work and edit grammatical and typographical errors. Be sure to make the paper as flawless as it can be as grammatical errors, spelling errors can be a serious turn for the screening committee.

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