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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Essay on Wind Energy

It has been established that human practices contribute to the rapid degradation of the natural environment.  To counteract the effect of human practices on the environment, efforts are being made to reduce the world’s dependence on oil and gas.  It has been found that reducing the dependence on oil and gas will also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the air.  The focus on renewable sources of energy such as the wind energy is considered one of the key steps in helping protect the environment.

The power of the wind can produce enough energy to supply the needs of the modern society.  It can provide the people with the energy needed to sustain the economy without generating hazardous wastes, damaging the environment and depleting the natural resources.  Because renewable sources of energy are the present trend many wind energy companies are growing fast to meet the world’s demand for clean and renewable energy.

There are a number of ways by which the wind energy can benefit the economy.  First, companies can save a lot of money from the use of wind power.  When companies have savings they do not as a matter of practice let the money stay deposited in banks.  Rather, the companies use the savings to improve its business, expand and generate more jobs.  The end-users and consumers are also benefited form the savings.  Consumers can use the savings from the use of the wind power to buy more goods and services.  As people save more they can spend more to buy other goods and services.  The improvement in the purchasing power will directly benefit the producer and seller of goods and services.  Ultimately, there will be more money will circulate in the country.  

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While the growth of the wind energy companies will result to the displacement of workers in non-renewable energy sector in the near future, the growth of the wind energy companies will more than make up for the lost jobs.  According to Carolyn Chase, the 86,000 jobs in manufacturing and installation of wind turbines in 1999 have more than doubled in the last two years.  It is also estimated that wind power will account for 10% of all the electricity generation and employ 1.7 million workers.  The jobs that will be created can replace the jobs that will be lost when dependence on oil and gas has been reduced.  According to studies, wind power has the potential of creating more jobs than power generation from fossil fuels. (L. Weischer, 2010, p.1)  Since it is more labor-intensive it can create jobs in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, technology and services. 

It is envisioned that in the future there will be a rapid growth on the jobs that provide renewable sources of energy.  It will be the trend of the future.  The focus on non-renewable sources of energy will be the emphasis of the entire world as the phenomenon of global warming continues.  As the world looks toward renewable sources of energy wind energy companies are poised to become the leading renewable source of energy.  Consequently, the companies which are leading the way on the use of renewable sources of energy will become bigger in the future. Moreover, wind energy companies can sell their services to other countries which are still unfamiliar with this technology.  When the international family of nations has come up with treaties requiring its member countries to come up with their own policies on renewable sources of energy, wind energy companies may be able to market their products and services to countries which are unfamiliar with this technology.

As of now, the countries are yet to fully exploit the potentials of the wind energy.  In the coming years, as the demand for renewable sources of energy become the subject of many discussions all over the world because of environment degradation, wind energy companies are poised to help the economy generate more jobs and improve the people’s purchasing power.   

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