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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Compass to an Effective Argumentative Essay

Argumentation is both a science and an art.  It is a science because argumentation needs to be proven just like a theory which needs proofs to be accepted.  Argumentation is a science because there are steps to be followed before an argument can be accepted as the truth.  Argumentation is also an art in the sense that the student needs to be creative in writing argumentative essay.  The student needs to be innovative and presenting his reasons for his argument before his argument can be considered as valid.


The argumentative essay has only one goal which is to sway other people and make them convince that the student has the correct opinion.  In sports winning is not everything.  But in argumentation, winning is the only thing. 


Many say that argumentation is difficult because the student does not only have to convince the readers about the strength of his arguments but he also has to convince the readers that the opposing arguments are weak.  Thus, he needs to make sure that his arguments are strong enough to convince the readers.  He also needs to find the weakness in the arguments of the opposing side.


Below are some helpful tips that you can use to improve your argumentative essay.  

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1. Get Good Topic.  In writing argumentative essay, the student needs to find a good topic.  It is suggested that the topic should be one that is very recent and very controversial since new topics and controversial topics almost always attract the attention of the readers.  But be sure that the topic you choose should be one which you are very familiar with.  Since these topics are already worn out, please avoid these topics: capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia. 


2. Prepare an outline.  Before you start writing your first draft, create an outline that states in bullet point your arguments in support of your claim.  It is usually helpful to write your ideas about your chosen topic before you start writing argumentative essay.  


3. State your position.  An effective argumentative essay should state clearly what you stand for.  Take a clear position on the issue which should be stated as your thesis statement.  In writing your thesis statement try to avoid starting you sentence with an “I”.  For example, “I believe that use of drugs should be legalized” is not a strong thesis statement.  Rather, the student may use “use of drugs should be legalized to help pave the way for rehabilitation and treatment of drug users.  


4. Support your claim with proof.  In writing argumentative essay, it is not enough that you have a claim or an argument.  It is imperative that the student should come up with proofs to support his claim.  If necessary, you can use statistics, opinions of leaders and other studies conducted by researchers to support your claim.  Avoid using reference materials prepared by biased groups.  For example, if you are writing argumentative essay about death penalty do not cite materials from websites advocating against death penalty.  Use objective and unbiased reference materials.


5. Reiterate your claim in your conclusion.  In your conclusion, reiterate your claim or argument, summarize the arguments you raised in your argumentative essay and end with a strong statement.  


Try these simple steps when writing your argumentative essay you will notice significant improvement in your grades.


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