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Saturday, August 6, 2011

9 Tips to a Successful College Application Essay

In a survey, students were asked what they think are the ten (10) most intimidating moments in their life.   Most of the students answered that they are intimidated when they speak in front of an audience and when they write a college application essay.

It is actually not surprising why students feel intimidated when they write their college application essay.  First, college essays are written as requirement for applying in a college or university.  Students only have one chance to get accepted in a college or university of their own choice.  So, it is really important that you get it right the first time.  Second, a college application essay is very personal.  In a college application essay, the student will have to reveal his feelings, aspirations and dreams. 

Though writing college application essay can be very intimidating, students should realize that feeling this way about it will only add pressure on their writing.  You do not want pressure and stress to get in the way of writing a perfect college application essay.

Here some tips that you can use in writing your college application essay:

1. Start as early as possible.  Summer is the most opportune time to write your college application essay.  Your mind is more relaxed and you are free from the pressures of your school.  During your spare time start reading sample college application essays so you will have an idea of what others write on their essays.  Afterwards, start writing on your own essay.

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2.  Write honestly.  Most students think that the college wants to see something on the student’s application essay.  So students read the school’s website thinking that they can see some clues about what the admissions officer wants to see in the applicant’s paper.  That is an absolutely wrong notion.  Colleges only want you to be honest in your essay.  Be true to yourself that is the golden rule.  A student who strives to impress the admissions officer by writing untruthful statements is doomed.

3.  Be responsive to the question. Most students immediately write an essay on their college application without even considering the question.  Begin your college application essay by reading and understanding the question.  Make sure that your essay responds to the question given to you. 

4. Be creative and unique.  Most students make the mistake of writing their essay in the same manner as the other students.  If you write your essay that way your essay is bound not to get noticed.  You should remember that the admissions officer read hundreds of application essay.  You have to find a way so your essay will stand out from the rest. 

5.  Don’t be arrogant or boastful.  Write your college application essay in the appropriate tone.  You write about yourself not about a person whom you wish you are.  Do not pretend to be a person other than yourself since the admissions officer can easily see through that arrogance.

6. Focus on a single thought.  Students make the mistake of introducing concepts and ideas in the middle of the paper to impress the admissions officer.  This only confuses the reader of your application essay and gives him the conclusion that you have an unorganized mind. 

7. Revise your first draft.  An essay which is hastily done without being edited and revised will not impress your admissions officer.  A perfect college application essay should be revised and edited.  After writing the first draft, allow sufficient time to pass before you read your paper again.  You will be surprised to discover so many mistakes in your initial draft.

8. Follow the word limit.  You do not impress your reader by writing beyond your word limit in the college application essay.  This is a time when generosity will not be rewarded.

9. Ask for comments.  Read the college application essay in front of your family, friends and teachers.  Their inputs can help a lot in writing perfect essay. 

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