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Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Simple Steps in Writing Compare and Contrast Essays

An outstanding compare and contrast essay should serve its purpose which is to elicit similarities and detail the differences between two or more things. This essay is based on comparison; therefore sufficient knowledge on the subject matter should be at hand.

No matter how informative the content of a compare and contrast essay, it will not be considered effective without proper structure and organization. To be able to create an outstanding compare and contrast essay, follow these five easy steps.

1.      Know your topic. Do a considerable amount of research and take note of all the important facts and figures. Be sure you have the right information from reliable sources. After gathering information, select from them the most important comparisons and contrasts and these alone should be included in the paper. Avoid unnecessary points.

2.      Plan. Make a blueprint of your essay. Since structure is the most important element of a compare/contrast essay it is vital to make a clear outline of your essay. The outline will be your guide in writing the essay. It will tell you if you are straying out of the topic or if you’re putting sentences in the wrong place. Strictly follow this guide to make the essay clear and logical.

3.      Introduce the topic. The introduction should contain the reasons why you are writing the essay. It is important to present to the reader the connection between the things being compared, or else, they may not get the point and find it irrational. The introduction should be written in a general, neutral manner and present the thesis statement.

4.      Be crystal clear. Either during comparing or contrasting, points should be laid cautiously; in terms where the reader will get it direct to the point. For example, put all the comparisons in one paragraph, and purely contrasts in another paragraph. Avoid mixing up these points to prevent confusion.

5.      Wrap it up. End the paper in a generalization. The conclusion should exude your confidence and certainty on the subject. Reaffirm your thesis statement which you have written in the introduction; but this time, make yourself sound more absolute.

Follow these simple steps in writing your compare and contrast essay you will discover substantial improvement in your output.

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