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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Research Paper on Emile Durkheim

Research Paper on Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim, as one of the classical sociologists was regarded as the father of modern sociology. He offered more rational theories than any of his contemporaries in classical sociology. He has different concepts that are very much significant to different subjects of sociology. Some of his important concepts were very visible in political sociology. To start, through the many academic researches that Durkheim did, some of his concepts contributed a lot in political sociology would be collective conscience, social fact, and anomie.

Durkheim’s functionalist approach reflected his conservative tendency in viewing social change and alterations. However, his conservative-like approach could also be treated significant since his focus on the psycho-social aspect has been highlighted.

To manifest this, his concept of collective conscience would deal with the collective morality, beliefs, and common sentiments being shared by the entire community or society. As political sociology talks about individuals and collectivities, it is suffice to consider the concept of collective conscience most precisely when it comes to viewing public opinions to political events. In other words, collective sentiments are possible sources of political assertions in the social arena.

As mentioned before, Durkheim’s social fact, is one of the most popular concept that is viable to any sort of application. Social fact makes the socio-political scientist, not just to be ‘scientific’, but also to be observant and be critical to the processes at the structural level. To put it simply, since social fact has two types – material and non-material – it would give political sociology the comparative advantage in considering not just the quantitative aspect of society but also consider the qualitative part which also foster political power.

The concept of anomie helps political sociologists to have an understanding to the social aspects more importantly considering the psycho-social factors that would affect human behaviour. Anomie, in its simplest sense, is normlessness. This is helpful in political sociology since, it would consider that, social disorder is possible and may occur in the political life of an individual and of the society. This would challenge the discipline to look at the counter-political cultures that shape the lives of men and women and sometimes explains their political immaturity, apathy, and indifference.

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