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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Essay on Impact of Heredity and Environment on Child Development

Essay on Impact of Heredity and Environment on Child Development

There are several factors that have impacts in human development. Over the years, there had been a lot of arguments regarding the major influencing factors on human development. The two factors that were found to have the greatest effects in human development are Heredity and Environment. Our physical characteristics are definitely the things that we inherited from our parents. Heredity could definitely explain why as we grow older, we look more like our parents or even act like them. On the other hand, environment plays a great part in development of our learning, behaviour and personality.
You might get your curly hair and blue eyes from your mom and your height and white skin from your dad but there are also some other personal characteristics or traits that you may get from them. You may like sports a lot like your dad and you may also be as intelligent and witty as your mom. Heredity refers to how genetic make-up and other traits are being transmitted from the parents to the child. Heredity can have impact on the structure of the human growth, the period of puberty and the progress of aging. It has impact on the physical characteristics like the skin colour, eye colour and even our proneness to some diseases. Behavioural geneticists claimed that heredity also contributes to intelligence, learning and behaviour and personality. There are studies which found that heredity also affects the ability and motivation to certain knowledge and skill.

Just like heredity, environment also has undeniable impacts on the human development. Many psychologists and nurture theories argue that the behavioural aspects of humans are mostly impacted by the physical environment that surrounds them. The environment includes the physical surrounding, the opinions and other ideas that are available to individuals and the institution.  For example, it is in the school where individuals learn not only about academics but also on socializing. The school develop individuals to pursue academically and become more interactive. Many psychologists assert that human behaviour is learned through other people. Personality is also influenced and developed through the interactions of humans in a cultural environment. The social setting where human live had a lot of effects on how they will act and what skills they are going to develop in order to adapt.

Heredity and environment interact and within this interaction, human development is possible. Together these two factors affect human development in physical, behavioural, learning and personality aspects.

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