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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Research Paper on Home Schooling

Research Paper on Home Schooling

Homeschooling parents often get raised eyebrows and pesky questions when talking about their choice of education for their children. Although it is a legal form of education in all fifty states (Rodriguez), homeschooling is often overlooked as an alternative because the issues of socialization, learning, and educational environment often come in question. Although regular schooling contributes greatly to the development of a child, bringing the school into the home can create a greater impact upon one’s life.

Homeschooling develops a greater bond and connection between parents and children. Since most homeschooling programs require at least one parent to teach their child (Rodriguez), parents become committed into spending more time with their children and vice versa. Because most of their child’s time is spent at home, parents are now given the chance to educate their children not only with the academic things, but also with the morals, values, character, and attitude they desire their children to have. Homeschooling provides the parents to control the influences that their children are exposed to, and since they are at home, their learning environment is more controlled.

Homeschooling also gives children the opportunity to develop their own studying habits and methods. In fact, in South Carolina, the average test scores on Basic Skills Testing of homeschooled children were 30 percentile points higher than regular schooled children (Academic Statistics on Homeschooling). Because the child is not in a classroom setting, he is not forced to listen to his teacher every day when listening is not his method of learning. Homeschooling gives a child the chance to discover his own way of learning, may it be reading on his own or watching graphic demonstrations. It gives him the freedom to choose his own way of learning to understand furthermore the lessons he learns every day.

Homeschooling gives the child freedom: the freedom to choose, to make his own choices, the freedom to find his true self. It provides the child to discover worlds hindered by the walls of the campus and allows him to explore his talents and capabilities as an individual. Though this freedom can be abused, the principles of homeschooling will teach the child to do otherwise.

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