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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Essay on Effects of Truancy on Academic Performance

Essay on Effects of Truancy on Academic Performance

Truancy is the intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling.  It is considered as one of the top ten major problems in the schools in the US today.  However, is the problem of truancy on academic performance serious? This essay seeks to discuss the effect of truancy on academic performance and how it can be addressed.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools unanimously agree that one of the serious effects of truancy is it that it hinders learning (Reid 113). When students miss class they are not able to learn anything for that day.  This problem is evident on subject like Mathematics which is very sequential in the sense that if a student misses one class he may not be able to cope with the other lessons.
Teachers likewise say that skipping school also lead students to do poorly on exercises and class activities.  The inability of the students to cope with the class lessons is reflected on the class activities and exercises designed to measure their learning.

Other negative effects of truancy on the student are:
  1. Failure to understand the importance of responsibility, discipline and socialization
  2. Development of bad habit like future attendance problems and behavior problems
  3. Possibility of joining gangs
It should be stressed that the impact of truancy on the student’s academic performance is never hopeless. In fact, with the help of a patient and dedicated teacher, the students could still catch up with the class discussions.  However, what makes the situation worse is when teachers have a negative impression of the students who skip schools.  For them, it is a sign of their lack of interest with school.  In many cases, teachers are less understanding of truant pupils as compared to a student who is absent because of sickness or other valid reasons.  As a result, teaches hardly are willing to help these students catch up with the missed work (Reid 113).  For these teachers, this is extra work load which they are not willing to do for the students who are engaged in truancy.

Truancy is a serious problem in school but it does not create a hopeless situation for the child.  With his own initiative and the help the teacher, the student can still catch up on the missed lesson.  However, it requires effort from both the students and the teachers to cooperate together.

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