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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Essay on the Benefits of Homeschooling

Essay on The Benefits of Homeschooling
            Education is an important component of the American society. Parents are keen on investing money, time, and attention just to ensure that their children are provided with the highest quality of education. One of the ways in which children are taught involves the concept called homeschooling. Even before forma education was introduced in the US, homeschooling was already common in several American households. According to Basham et al. (2007), homeschooling on the US started in 1870s when it served as the learning foundation before children attend institutionalized education. Through the years, homeschooling has evolved is legal in all the states in the US.

            At the end of 2003, approximately 1.1 million children in the US are attending homeschooling. This figure represents 2.2 percent of the total student population in the US (Department of Education, US). The number also exceeds the actual students enrolled in the states of Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Homeschooling has even broken down social boundaries where there are variations in political and religious affiliations among students. As quoted from Lines (2000), “Both the left and right wings of homeschooling are active today, and many families have both philosophical and religious reasons for their choice. Joining them are many homeschoolers who simply seek the highest quality education for their child, which they believe public and even private schools can no longer provide.” 

             One of the reasons why parents prefer homeschooling is because it is flexible. Parents can develop teaching methods that fit their children as well as introduce teaching materials the promote creativity. Unlike the traditional institutional education, homeschooling provides parents the leeway to develop learning schemes that aim to support the skills of their children. There is focus in teaching as parents have the ideal ratio of one student per teacher. In most public schools, children are cramped in big classes because of limited resources. Learning is believed to be impeded the attention of the teacher is divided among several students. Regarding the lessons, parents are not required to agree to certain norms and standards that are usually being used in public and private schools.

            Some schools have remained traditional when it comes to teaching that the use of technology is limited. Also, schools are not equipped to tap technology based materials because of lack of resources. Through homeschooling, parents are allowed to use an array of learning material from various sources. The use of television, radio, and presentations could also boost the learning capabilities of their children. Interactive learning has become an effective tool in getting the attention of students. There are observations made that students respond well lessons that are taught in non-traditional methods.

            Homeschooling is considered as practical in a lot of ways. Cost wise, parents spend minimal on learning materials compared to the rising cost of tuition and fees in some schools. Also, there is no need for parents to queue during enrolment and the time saved could be allocated to other household activities. Some parents, specifically mothers prefer homeschooling because while doing so, they can work from home. Several online jobs such as telemarketing and email support could be done by parents while teaching their children. Also, homeschooling provides the opportunity for parents to introduce real life lessons that are not common in schools. 

            Although traditional education remains a priority for parents, the clamor for homeschooling has intensified over the years. Mothers in particular could multi-task by teaching and also doing household chores or doing home-based work. The best way to approach homeschooling is to identify the needs of a child and from there establish the learning priorities.

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