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Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Improve your Argumentative Essays

How to Improve your Argumentative Essays

Students get the wrong impression that writing argumentative essay is extremely difficult. One reason for this mistaken belief is that students are not required only to give factual information about a certain topic or issue. Rather, the students are required to take a stand or position, explain their position, present arguments in support of their claim or position and refute the opposing arguments. In this sense, an argumentative essay is difficult because it is more comprehensive than a persuasive essay.

However, students should not be daunted by their argumentative essay assignments. After all, an argumentative essay only seeks to measure the students’ skills in the art of argumentation. So long as the student is able to demonstrate his reasoning skills and that he was able to adequately present his stand or position and submit evidence to support his stand then he is not lost.

If you seek to perfect your argumentative essay, here are some helpful tips for students.
A. Choose a Topic
There are several hundreds of different topics a student can choose from. You simply have to open the newspaper or the magazine and you will find that there are several topics that you can choose from. The more recent and controversial topic is the better that it can attract the attention of your reader and, hopefully, earn the maximum points from your professor. Make sure that you choose a topic that you are very comfortable and familiar with. Do not make the mistake of choosing a topic that you know nothing about.

B. Conduct extensive research on your topic.
To be able to write effective argumentative essays you need to know what other persons are saying about the topic.  Write down the arguments and arrange them according to their merit.  If you find something that supports your view, write it down.

C. Organize your ideas and your sentences.
It is usually helpful to write your ideas about your chosen topic before you start writing argumentative essay. To make your argumentative essay clearer, state the first argument in support of your claim and present your proof. On the second paragraph of the body of your paper, state the second argument in support of your claim and present your proof. On the third paragraph, state the opposing argument and refute it. You can also start by stating the argument of the opposing side and refute it. This should be followed by two arguments in support of your stand or position.

These are just some of the tips students can use to improve their argumentative essays.

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