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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Argumentative Essay against Suicide

Argumentative Essay against Suicide

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. In America, a suicide attempt is committed every 17 minutes and every two hours and 12 minutes, a teenager dies of suicide ( Often, people resort to killing themselves because they feel hopeless and purposeless. People commit suicide because they no longer see the beauty of life; it becomes overshadowed by their problems in life. However, suicide should not be an option because there are other ways to solve your problems, there are people that are ready to help you, and life is valuable and only a onetime thing.

Death is not the solution to your problems. Often, people kill themselves because they are too weak to face their problems and find the solutions for it. Usually, they are overwhelmed and exasperated about every imperfection in their life that they just want to simply rest. However, if one kills himself, he will miss out on the bright side of life; he will miss out on its beauty and the joy that it gives. Instead of opting for suicide, a person must seek ways to solve their problems and find the positive side of being alive.

Whoever a person is, there will always be people ready to help them in times of deep trouble. More often than not, people who think of committing suicide do so because they have no one to talk to about their problems; therefore, they only keep it to themselves. Before thinking about suicide, a person should look for a friend to talk to about their worries; in that way, someone else may help them think of the right solutions to his dilemmas.

Lastly, life is valuable and you only live once. There are too many people in the world who die because of hunger and disease; there are too many people who die not because they want to, but their bodies are incapable of living. These people are left with no choice because they have no control over their body. But, a suicidal person has. A suicidal person, unlike a sick one, has the opportunity to live his life to the full. He should not let his problems and worries hinder him from doing so.

Around 22.2 per a 100,000 commit suicide every year (World Health Organization). Each and every person in this statistic is valuable; but sadly, it is lost to a rather tragic death. People close to suicidal people should be sensitive to the actions of that person because once he loses his life, he can never take it back.

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