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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Essay on Negative Effects of Truancy

Essay on Negative Effects of Truancy

A key issue faced by educational institutions today is the existence of truancy.  Its effect encompasses more than just students as it brings forward potential consequences affecting the future and welfare of society as a whole. Seeing this, the negative impact of truancy can be seen and analyzed from the vantage point of students, educational institutions, and community.

One negative effect of truancy can be analyzed from the level an individual. For students, engaging in such action can increase the likelihood of dropping out of school. This event in turn creates problems in their ability to secure stable jobs and advance in their professional careers. Specifically, Info Barrel (2010) contends that “with almost half of high school dropouts being unemployed, they face a high propensity to entering a life of poverty and crime” (p.1).  This remains to be seen as the youth remain to be susceptible to negative influences and vices.

For schools, truancy undermines the institution’s efforts to promote education and development. It demonstrates the inability of the educational system to function according to its objectives and standards.  It also reveals the system of promoting supportive mechanisms and creates ways to facilitate involvement. In essence, truancy weakens what the educational system stands for.
Truancy also puts forward social problems to the community. An important indicator for this would be the occurrence of deviant behavior. Individuals who commit truancy have a higher chance to commit crimes through vandalism and theft. In the long run, truancy can also increase poverty levels and burden the government to provide social services (Info Barrel, 2010). Likewise, it can also create imbalances as taxpayers would have to shoulder the burden of supporting these people.

Overall, truancy, though an individual act, impacts students and society both in the short and long term. Its negative effect paves the way for problems to compound and influence the ability of society to function normally and also hamper the ability of individuals to advance their potential and skills. Given the multi-faceted impact of this issue, it is then crucial that adequate support and programs be made available to prevent truancy.

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