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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Argumentative Essay in Favor of Abortion

Argumentative Essay in Favor of Abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing the fetus from the woman’s uterus (World O Meters). Since it is considered legal in all 50 states of America, there is an approximate of 1.37 million abortion cases per year ( Despite this, debates about the morality of abortion continue until today. Pro-life parties state that abortion can be considered as murder; however, abortion can decrease a state’s population, save the mother’s life, and help victims of rape or incest.
Often, mothers who opt to abort the fetus in their tummies do not want that baby. If she continues on being pregnant with the baby but has the incapability to support it, then all the mother is doing is increasing the population of her state when it’s unnecessary. With a bigger population composing of children from unwanted pregnancies, it will be harder for the government to support the needs of the state as a whole. A mother opting for abortion can help solve the issue of overpopulation by aborting her baby.  

On the other side, some abortion cases are not entirely of unwanted pregnancies; rather, some fetuses aborted are harmful for the health of the mother. Some women are incapable of harboring fetuses in their uterus; however, they have the ability to form an embryo. Thus, the pregnancy might endanger the woman’s health, possibly resulting to her death. Abortion should be given as an option for mothers who might possibly die because of the baby conceived in their wombs.

Lastly, some pregnant women are victims of incest, rape, or teenage pregnancy. In fact, teenagers account for 20% of abortion rates per year ( Therefore, their pregnancy is unwanted and the mother is likely to be psychologically incapable of nurturing the child. Also, the baby is a product of a rather traumatic experience; therefore, the pregnancy is a reminder of a torturing experience in their life. With social and psychological issues, the mother is incapable of harboring the child. Therefore, aborting the child can be the best way to help her.

Whether one looks at abortion from the pro or the con side, either way, abortion will always be part of society. In the end, the lives of each individual in the society lie in their own hands, despite different influences. Though given different arguments and reasons, a person can be the only one to decide for themselves.

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