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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Essay on Health Benefits of Marriage

Essay on Health Benefits of Marriage

Recent studies show that a lot of marriages end up in divorce.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of 1,000 marriages around 3.4 couples will get divorced.  This means that couples who are getting married nowadays may end up being divorced.  This does not mean however that we should all be pessimistic about marriage. In fact, despite the fact that many couples do not end up happily ever after, there are still couples who find ways to make a marriage work and enjoy a happy marriage life.

Despite the increase in the cases of divorce there are a number of benefits to maintaining a happy marriage life.  One of the most common benefits is from the economics point of view.  Marriage couples earn much more than single individuals because they are able to combine their income and share the family expenses together.  This means that financially married couples are better than single individuals.

However, aside from the financial aspects, married couples benefit in many other ways from marriage.   According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), statistically married people are healthier physically and emotionally compared to those who are divorced, widowed, and those who were never married (Diane Hales 182).  These studies say that married people are exposed to lesser risks for back pain, headaches, high blood pressure and serious psychological distress.  The same studies suggest that happier marriages result to better health benefits for the couple (Diane Hales 182).  These happily married couples have “lower blood pressures, lower stress, less depression, and greater satisfaction with life.” (Diane Hales 182)

Other studies have also found that married individuals are able to live longer as compared to those who are divorced or who were never married.  Rahman (1993) found that in Bangladesh married individuals have significantly lower mortality rates than those who were never married or who were divorced.  Mete (2005) found that in Taiwan, marriage increases the chance of being alive after 7 years.

In conclusion, being married therefore makes sense not only in the financial aspect but even in the physical and emotional aspect.  The studies which have been mentioned support the theory that marriage has health benefits.

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