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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Argumentative Essay on Causes of Drug Addiction

Argumentative Essay on Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is very common in America. In fact, in 2009, 23.5 million people were addicted to drugs, all being ages 12 and older. Drugs cause its users to feel elated and light, as if erasing all their troubles. However, recent studies show that drug addiction is more than just a tool to escape from the world.

Drug addiction is not just a social or emotional disorder. It is categorized as a chronic brain disease triggered by constant drug use. Drug usage alters the brain: the way it mandates the body and how the person feels or thinks. Like other chronic diseases, drug addiction must be cured and supervised throughout one’s lifetime, researchers say, because it affects the brain’s reward circuitry, or makes the person untimely crave for “rewards”.

Drugs alter the way the brain functions and, if not cured, may alter it permanently. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released when humans satisfy a desire. The intake of drugs releases this neurotransmitter and causes the person to feel pleasure. The brain records this feeling and would want the person to repeat it. As the neurotransmitter is also related to the feeling of life survival, the drug slowly becomes more vital than food, causing the person to get addicted to it. This addiction slows down dopamine activity, causing the person to lose pleasure in other things.

However, drug addiction may also be caused by inherited brain malfunctions. University of Cambridge’s study shows that people who inherited certain unlikable traits and habits from their family are more likely to be drug addicts. Their study examined 50 pairs of siblings- one addicted to drugs and one that isn’t- and resulted that both siblings had the same brain abnormalities and difficulties, one of which was self-control. Knowing that not all drug users become addicted, the study is trying to prove that in order for a person to get addicted to drugs, he must have first inherited an abnormality that has caused him to do so.

Although there are certain triggers and reasons for one’s use of drugs, its effects towards the person is inevitable. Even if there are certain people that are more likely to be drug addicts than others, everyone has the power to choose between devoting themselves to drugs or refraining from it.

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