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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jamshid Atashband

Topic: Why I should be accepted in the FVC program
Subject: Other
Instructions: Why Syncis? Why should i be accepted to be in the fvc program? Where do i see myself in the future in this company? My background as a specialist in the us army intelligence, and in the medical field afterward and also being persian and traveling the world are my assets and i think i have good people skills and lot of connections in los angles and can gain people trust and friendship easily. I am 28 years old, male house owner and very independent since i was 19. Vahid chitsaz is my EFD and mentor in this company w his wife Narguess Noohi and i have learned a lot from them.

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes. –Zig Ziglar
             I should be accepted in the FVC Program of Syncis because I am a firm believer of expecting the best and preparing for the worst; and the need to capitalize on what comes to us in order to do both. I believe that it is my personal calling to share knowledge to other people. Given the uncertainties that our society experience today, I believe that financial knowledge, especially for middle income families, has become more important than ever. I am one with Syncis in its mission and vision. My personal characteristics and skills that I gained in the military, medical field and my life in general also make me a good agent for the company.
            For many years, I worked as a specialist in the US Army Intelligence. I worked as an intelligence analyst focusing on effective processing and distribution of tactical intelligence. Intelligence analysts provide critical information to army personnel. In this experience, I learned about the crucial importance of trust and confidence in our working relationship. Professionally, I learned a lot of other skills that I can use at the FVC program in Syncis such as critical thinking and keen observation to details even under severe pressure. These skills will be useful in providing favorable advice in financial planning, especially in light of sensitive topics such as unexpected injuries and deaths. I can also be strategic if needed. I am able to emphasize the importance of planning and preparation in order to succeed in a certain goal. These skills and knowledge all have their rightful place in the practice of financial management and consultancy.
Afterwards, I also worked in the medical field, which also broadened my perspective about the importance of financial strength. I witnessed how some families had troubles with paying their hospital bills because they did not have health insurance or emergency funds. I believe that these families could have done so if they were only properly guided about saving for such unexpected events and medical emergencies. In those days, I was able to appreciate how important it us for families and individuals to have their financial resources and priorities sorted out with the help of financial professionals. With the vast medical situations that I have witnessed, I can provide realistic advices to my potential clients.
            In the recent years, I spent most of my time travelling around the world including many countries in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. As a Persian with a friendly disposition, I was able to gain numerous friends along the way. With most of these friends, I was able to develop strong connection founded on trust and goodwill. We are able to exchange our opinions on different issues. I have also heard much about how different cultures address the topics: money, financial stability, unexpected deaths, insurance, etc. To this day, I am still friends and keep in touch with those I met three to five years ago in different areas. In Los Angeles, I have also established a wide network and connections in many areas and field of expertise. I can handle conversations very well and make a good company everywhere. I am also fairly well at remembering faces, names, and stories of acquaintances even if I just met them very briefly. With this, I can say that my good people skills will help me do well in the FVC program.
            I also believe that my life’s story also makes me a good fit into the company and the FVC program. For one, I have been financially independent for most of my life. At the age of 19, I started living independently, away from my parents and relatives. I did part-time and voluntary works while studying. I did not come from a well-off family, but I managed to live a relatively comfortable life because of good financial prioritization. I managed my finances and managed to live on my own at an early age. I continued working and studying for many years. At 28, I now own a house. I still have many life and financial goals that I strive to achieve as I move on with my journey. With the struggles that I faced and successfully surpassed, I say that my life’s story can inspire others too. I can share my story and the financial strategies that I applied to my life to encourage my potential clients.
            For the past few years, I have developed a strong mentoring relationship with Vahid Chitsaz and his wife, Narguess Noohi. In all of the instances where I was so fortunate to have been able to communicate with them, I have learned so much. I admire the couple’s vision of making financial products and services more accessible to the middle-income families and in the process, helping them gain proper financial protection for the future. I want to be part of this important mission and vision. I also have a desire to share my story and guide more families into a more solid financial foundation.

            Overall, I should be accepted in FVC because this is my calling. I have vision to fulfill, a mission to do, and a story to tell. I want to spread the company’s advocacy because I firmly believe in it as well. I even lived and will be living in this advocacy too. 

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