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Friday, January 4, 2013

Essay on Diversity and Culture in the Workplace

Essay on Diversity and Culture in the Workplace

Please find three journals from that discusses the topic diversity and culture in the workplace

Based on the article by Patrick and Kumar (2012), diversity management pertains to the process of establishing and managing an excellent work setting where the positive and negative attributes of the people are given importance. The article analyzed the possible obstacles to workplace diversity and indicated that companies and firms with diverse people are more equipped to provide excellent services to the customers in the competitive world market. These companies and firms possess a deeper awareness of what it takes to be successful in various environments. 

The outcomes of the study offered relevant ideas regarding the current diversity management approaches being used specifically in the IT industry. Majority of the workers were optimistic that they have the capability to deal with diversity, while there were some workers who were aware and made the necessary adjustments so that they can perform well even if there is workplace diversity. One of the primary methods implemented by the IT companies to maximize inclusiveness were providing training to the workers so that they can become more aware of the cross-cultural differences. Through the training, the IT companies believed that their workers would eventually be able to handle workplace diversity with ease. Aside from this, the IT companies also motivated their workers to take on international assignments so that they could be immersed to different cultures and learn to adapt. Lastly, the IT companies provided foreign language training to the employees to ensure that they can be able to effectively communicate even if they are dealing with people from foreign cultures. In terms of the obstacles faced by the workers, discrimination was the most common obstacle, along with prejudice and ethnocentrism. The article pointed out that firms and companies have to do something to handle diversity to fully take advantage of the capabilities of the workers.

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The article of Grogan and Eshelman (1998) discussed certain strategies for the recruitment of a culturally diverse workforce, and they were tackled using the case of Cornell Cooperative Extension. The authors believed that organizational change to handle diversity demanded adjustments to be done in organizational culture. While undergoing recruitment of employees with cultural diverse backgrounds, Cornell Cooperative Extension was able to successfully establish new guidelines so that they could accept as many applicants as possible. The outcomes of the study revealed that the retention of employees with culturally diverse backgrounds had to be taken seriously in the same way that their recruitment must also be handled effectively. Thus, making adjustments in the organizational behaviour were crucial to ensure that the organization could support diversity.

Lastly, the article of Okoro and Washington (2012) stated that in a workforce that is filled with culturally diverse people, the communication process becomes very challenging. This is because of the language barriers that prevent the people within the organization from being able to effectively express their ideas and feedbacks to one another. If such language barriers are left unresolved, the workforce is going to fall apart due to the presence of too many conflicts and disagreements. Thus, the authors suggested that organizations have to devise strategies and plans to ensure that the communication of their culturally diverse workforce remains effective and dependable. The article stated that the productivity of the workforce depended on the capability of the people to communicate effectively, and so their productivity would significantly increase if the communication strategies are working well. The culturally diverse workforce can still be able to demonstrate teamwork and camaraderie for as long as there is always effective communication. This means that the workforce can be able to deliver the results and outputs that are expected of them.

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