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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cool New Features of

Hi friends, 

We are once again approaching the months you dread the most – February to April.  During these months, your teachers suddenly go berserk and start requiring their students to submit tons of paper works.  Many of them wish that they had not been born at all because of the heavy workload during these months! (Do you feel the same way as well?)

Don’t worry help is on the way!

Customer Registration
We took advantage of the long holiday break to make a few improvements on our website which you will surely love. In the coming days, you will have the option to register to our website

Benefits of Customer Registration
  1. You don’t have to enter your name over and over again every time you order.  Does typing your name and contact details give you a hard time? You are not alone.  By registering to our website, you will never again have to type your name and contact details every time you order.
  2. You get to receive cool discounts and freebies. If you place more orders then you should be rewarded with more discounts! Does that sound nice?

Customer Referral Program
We observed that most students who place their order belong to the same class.  One of the possible reasons is that a student probably gave a good word about us to their friends. Because of their recommendation, their friends trusted us with their essays and research papers.

However, the students who spread the good word about us do not get any reward for their help.

In recognition of the efforts of these students who vouch for the quality of our work and service to their friends, we launched the Customer Referral Program.

The Customer Referral Program allows you can now get 10% of all the orders of the students you referred to our company.

Let us say, you referred Client A. Every time Client A places an order, you get 10% commission. All you have to do is to tell Client A to use the unique referral link we sent you when they register to our website so the system will know that you referred Client A.

So, you do not have to worry about their school problems. You can bet that we are doing our best to serve you better.

We are here for you and we are looking forward to make a great place for you to be.


Portia Lewis
Community Manager

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