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Friday, January 4, 2013

Essay on Healthcare Dysfunction and Solution

Essay on Healthcare Dysfunction and Solution

The United States is regarded as one of the most developed, advanced, and industrialized country in the world. Despite of the country’s thriving economy however, the U.S. health care system seems to be lagging behind. Unlike other important aspects such as transportation, education and security, this country’s health care is tragically and unfortunately dysfunctional and corrupt. One of its looming problems includes the sky-high cost of hospital services and treatments as well as health insurance. Numerous Americans are now complaining about the cost while more and more citizen admitted that they could not afford their country’s expensive health care system. In fact, there is an estimated 46.6 million individuals who do not have any health insurance. On top of this, about 62% of all bankruptcies were directly linked to medical bills (DPE, 2012, p.1).

The high cost of hospital services and treatments seem to top the list of US health care dysfunction. Today, health care proves to be more concerned about maximizing income rather than maximizing an individual’s health. This is evident in ever growing rate of hospital care and treatment. An emergency appendectomy for instance, would easily cause an uninsured individual, almost $24,500. On the other hand, a patient who needs to undergo a surgery will have to shoulder more than $100,000 in medical and hospital bills alone. Similarly, medical excesses such as unnecessary laboratory tests and procedures drive a person’s medical bill even higher. There also seems to be an increasing number of unscrupulous doctors who fatten their bills by exploiting their patient’s ignorance (Realitybase, 2009, p. 1)

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Another noteworthy dysfunction of U.S.’ health care system is the rising premium and uneven coverage of health insurance. Over the years, insurance premiums have soared to an all-time high but the quality of their policies continues to fail. This is but a direct result of the existing conflict between providing the member their rightful benefits and earning profits for the company. Various accounts suggest that employees of different insurance companies are given bonuses based on the lowest health care benefit they approve. Apart from this, insurance companies also cause unnecessary suffering and even death because of their denial and delay procedures (Realitybase, 2009, p. 1).

These problems call for immediate and sustainable solution. One of which is a national health service wherein medical services are delivered by government-paid doctors and medical professionals. This would also include government-owned and operated hospitals and clinics. Similarly, a national health insurance system could be a possible answer to the current health care crisis. In this type of system, a government entity will function as the administrator who will collect and pay out all the health care fees and costs. This means that health services will be publicly financed but not publicly provided. Another possible solution is to offer a multi-payer insurance system which offers health insurance through a unified “health fund”. This can be used to pay hospitals and doctors as well. Finally, the government could ease the dilemma in health care by simply providing affordable health care services. This could be achieved by mandating hospitals to lower their fees and treatments. Similarly, the government could help publicly and privately owned hospitals and clinic in negotiating the amount of medical equipment and prescription drugs in return for a lower treatment fee (DPE, 2012, p.1). 

Solving the current health care dysfunctions will definitely help not only the pockets of many Americans but it will also improve their health as well. At the same time, improving the medical system will also allow the United States to become truly advanced and developed when it comes to health care services (DPE, 2012, p.1). 

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