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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Public's Reaction During Earthquake inside Washington Monument

Every day, earthquakes occur somewhere in the world. However, people are oblivious to this because most of the time, the seismic activity that causes the tremors is too light to be detected by the senses. Every once in a while, though, the movements under the earth’s crust are greater and the vibrations on the surface become more apparent.

People often become aware of the quake’s occurrence the moment they see water sloshing in glasses or chandeliers swaying. Most people tend to panic the moment they feel the movement of the floor or the ground beneath them. The people in East Cost from Maine to Georgia were ratted after a 5.8 earthquake hit them.  There was evacuation from office buildings, disruption in the cellphone services, traffic on public roads.

Below is a video of the public's reaction inside the Washington Monument caught by a security camera.

This reaction is quite understandable. Not everyone may have experience with earthquakes yet. However, the media broadcast showing how certain places in China and Japan were devastated after an earthquake is enough to rattle most people’s nerves.

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