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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Study Says Smoking is More Common in Some Occupations

Recent news article entitled "Gigs and cigs: Smoking rates in 22 occupations" stated that smoking is more common in some occupations compared to others.  Based on the study, it can be inferred that blue collar workers are more likely to smoke compared to others

1. Scientists – 9.2% smoke.  Scientists in the field of biology, physical and social sciences are least likely to smoke

2. Lawyers – 9.4% smoke.  Lawyers, judges, legal support workers are also less likely to smoke compared to other profession.

3. Counselors and social workers -10.9%. CDC studies show that counselors, social workers, religious workers are also less likely to smoke compared to other occupation.

4. Health care practitioners – 11.8%. Surprisingly, despite their knowledge that smoking is bad for their health many health care practitioners smoke.

5. Computers and math specialists – 12.8%.  Computers and math specialists have a higher rate of smoking.

6. Architects and engineers – 13.6%.

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 7. Business and Finance Specialists – 14.1%

8. Artists, designers and entertainers – 14.9%

9. Executives and Managers – 16.3%

10 Firefighters and other protective service workers 16.4%

11 Secretaries, clerks, other administrative support workers – 19.0%

12. Personal care and service workers including hairdressers, hotel attendants and funeral service workers – 19.7%

13. Farmers, fishers and loggers – 20.1%

14. Salespeople – 20.7%

15. Building cleaners and maintenance workers – 22.9%

16. Healthcare assistants – 23.7%

17. Production Workers – 26.1%

18. Mechanics, installers and repairers – 27.2%

19. Transportation workers – 28.7%

20. Cooks, servers, and food preparation workers  -30%

21. Construction workers – 31.4%

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