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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Should there be Limits to Strip Searches for Individuals Arrested for Minor Crimes

Should there be limitation on the police officers' conduct of strip searches on individuals who have been arrested for minor crimes?

The Supreme Court is now determining whether a person who was arrested for unpaid traffic ticket should be strip searched when taken into the county jail.

The case pertains to Albert Florence who as a result of a computer error was arrested by the police.  He claimed that he was removed from his car and taken to two country prisons where he was required to clothe, bathe and stand in front of the officers, spread his arms, squat, and cough.

The issue will focus on an individual’s right to privacy and against unlawful searches and seizures protected under the Fourth Amendment as against the duty of the prison officials to make sure that every individual who is arrested does not enter into prison with an illegal contraband.

Florence’s counsel contends that while defendants can be asked to disrobe and shower they should not be exposed to humiliation by subjecting them to a more thorough search without reason.  

To my mind,  the police officers who subjected Florence to the cruel and humiliating experience should even be told to issue an apology for their rude treatment on him


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