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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Study Affirms Workplace Discrimination against Women

Facts about Women discrimination according to Catalyst based on news report entitled “Study: Women ask for raises, but aren’t heard”

1. Men who are willing to put in time and effort and accept challenges in their work are more likely to receive promotions and pay increases compared to men who don’t. Women who are willing to put in time and effort and accept challenges in their work do not necessarily get promotions and pay increases.

2. Women who changed jobs two or more times after completing their MBA earned $53,472 less than women who rose through promotions at their first organization. Men, on the other hand, made $13,743 more if they switched jobs after completing their MBA than if they stayed.

3. In the UK, pay gap between male and female still exists and at the rate things are going now it will take 98 years to close the gap.

4. According to a report of the United Nations entitled “Progress of the World’s Women” notes that worldwide, women are paid 10-30% less than men and 23% less in the U.S

5. Catalyst noted that women need to employ different career advancement strategies than men. Women advanced further when they made their achievements known and networked with influential people

The study affirms the perception that discrimination between men and women exists in the workplace. It confirms that men and women are not treated similarly and that they are not provided with the same opportunities in the workplace


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