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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Single Parents Enjoy Break from Difficult Essays

Being a single parent is very difficult especially when you are trying to do all the responsibilities altogether; raising your child on your own, taking care of the household chores, sending your child at school, attending to his her school activities, and going to school to get a degree to give your child a good future.

Single parents have their difficult times in managing their school requirements, duties at home, and their responsibilities to their child. Sometimes, even their time at night that is supposed to be spent to do their school requirements are being consumed just to attend to the needs of their child. At night time, when they find the best period to study, write their term paper, essays, and other school requirements, is also the time that they need to devote in waiting for their child to fall asleep.  After their child had fallen asleep, they already feel tired due to multiple tasks that they had done the whole day, leaving their school requirements unfinished.

Despite busy and hectic schedule due to multiple tasks and responsibilities that single parents need to accomplish in a day, it is still in their top priority their children’s brighter future. No matter how short the time is, they struggle to finish their school requirements. Sad moments are felt when they didn’t beat the deadline.

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