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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Homosexual Marriages should be Legalized

Homosexual Marriages, also known as same-sex marriages, are defined as the marriage between two persons of the same gender. The first public gay wedding in United States was performed by Rev. Troy Perry in 1969 which was not legally recognized. In 1970, the Metropolitan Community Churches filed the first-ever lawsuit seeking legal recognition of same sex marriages.

Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to find individuals fighting for recognition of homosexual marriages. Is it time for the society to change its view of marriage? Is procreation the sole purpose of marriage? Is marriage not about companionship, mutual love and support? These questions may be answered in the essay on Homosexual Marriage.

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Those who are in favor of homosexual marriages or same sex marriages argue that it is the obligation of the state to recognize marriage between same-sex couples. It is their argument that it is time for the society to recognize their union or partnership.  Their argument is based on the idea that marriage is a right of every individual. It is a civil right which should not be restricted to opposite-sex couples. As a civil right, marriage is a covenant or an agreement between two persons who declare before the solemnizing officer that they are willing to take the other as husbands or wives. The role of the state in marriage is to merely to make official and recognize their partnership.

Those who are in favor of homosexual marriages or same-sex marriages argue that there is nothing in the constitution that requires couples to be of different sex before marriage may be solemnized. They argue that refusing to legalize their partnership is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause under the Constitution.

The supporters of same-sex marriage also argue that procreation is no longer the sole purpose of marriage. If it is true that procreation is the sole purpose of marriage then individuals who are about to get married should be examined first if they are capable of procreation. Old individuals should also be rendered unfit for marriage because of their incapacity to procreate.

Homosexual marriage is a sensitive issue nowadays. Because the society has moved towards recognition of diversity, more individuals are clamoring for recognition of their partnership. It is hoped that someday the church and the state will finally accept homosexual marriages and recognize their status.


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