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Friday, September 6, 2013

Essay on Administrator Challenges in the Field of Criminal Justice

Essay on Administrator Challenges in the Field of Criminal Justice 
            The criminal justice system of the United States is an institution that is directed upon acting and enforcing the criminal laws, thus it is a system that ensure social control, mitigate the crime and sanction the violators of the law. One of the important components of the criminal justice system is the Criminal Justice Administration. Criminal Justice administration focuses on the enforcement of policies and procedure, managing administrative decision making and directing the overall day- to- day operations of the system. Aside from setting the work flow policies, enforcing procedures and polices and directing everyday operations, the Criminal Justice Administrator also oversees the budget of the agency and the policies requires in the different programs of the system. He is also in charge of supervising the agency staff including the investigators, secretaries, lawyers, judicial clerks ad enforcing officer. He is also in charge with the reviewing and approving the reports made by the staff and making sure that all the information they submit are accurate and follow the standard procedures (Peak, 2010).  With all these responsibilities at hand, the criminal justice administrators equally face a lot of challenges everyday just to ensure that the whole system is functioning.

            One of the issues that the Criminal Justice Administrators need to address is the challenge of implementing a human service model of employee supervision. One of the vital roles of the criminal justice administrators is to supervise the agency staff. Due to the conflicting goals, competing interests and fiscal /organizational constraints, it is often difficult for the criminal justice administrators supervise all the staff efficiency (Goldstein, 2010). The components of the criminal justice system are composed of various goals and functions that sometimes conflict with each other. It is then the criminal justice administrators challenge to reorganize the components of the criminal justice system in order to reduce the conflicts. Also, as an organization, the criminal justice is composed of diverse people. The organizational diversity especially among the employees is often seen as a contributing factor in the overall conflict within the system. These organizational diversity also forces the administrators to think of and develop innovative ways in evaluating and supervising the employees. 

            Another pressing challenge that the criminal justice administration is continuously facing is that of the large volumes of caseloads. Due to the increasing cases filed every day and with little number of staff to act on them, the caseloads continue to pile up. There are a lot of delayed hearings in the court due to the piling up cases (Stojkovic,Kalinich & Kolfas, 2011). Every day there are more than hundreds of new cases making it difficult for the system especially the court to accommodate all.  It is the justice administrators challenge to enforce more efficient procedures in the operation for quicker responses on filed cases. Also, it is a challenge for the administrators to design a new training for the employees and staff that will gear towards greater efficiency. With more efficient procedures and trained employees, the piling up of caseloads can be lessened significantly. 

            Lastly, just like any other organization and system the law enforcement faces issues regarding the limited budget for their operations. Chief justice administrators administer and manage the budget allocated or the whole system. Making the ends meet or assuring that the budget allocated for the system are used in ways that the programs of the system are still carried out are everyday challenges for the chief justice administrators. Often, they face budget cuts that would then trigger to reduction on staff, programs, etc. With such a tight budget, the administrators need to make sure that everything especially in the operations is still being carried out without compromising the quality of services that they produce.Administrators need to develop budget policies and allocation that can still sustain everyday operations.

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