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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Argumentative Essay in favor of Homeschooling

Argumentative Essay in favor of Homeschooling

            Parents are getting dissatisfied with the quality of education in many traditional schools.  The excessive attention given to scoring high in standardized tests, proliferation of drugs and the dangers of shooting incidents in many traditional schools are forcing parents to look for available options other than the traditional schooling.  One of these options is homeschooling.  The latest studies say that in 2007 alone there is about 1.5 million students in the United States that are homeschooled (National Center for Education and Statistics). This shows that homeschooling is getting more popular considering that in 1999 there was 850,000 homeschooled students while in 2003 there were 1.1 million homeschooled students.  The number of students being homeschooled show that it is now getting the attention of many parents as it offers a number of advantages and addresses some of the disadvantages in traditional schools.

As an option for traditional schooling, homeschooling has been getting the attention of many parents nowadays.  One of the many reasons why parents are opting to go for homeschooling is their ability to monitor the progress of their children.  In homeschooling, parents’ get to see the academic strengths and weaknesses of their children that will allow them to customize their child’s education.  The ability to directly monitor their children’s progress is something that is not present in traditional education because parents entrust this task to the student’s instructor.

In homeschooling, there is greater bond between the parent and the children.  The bond between the parents and the children is said to be stronger because they spend much time together in learning and in playtime.  This strong relationship translates to better learning for the student.  “One of the most important findings in the early childhood domain is the importance of nurturing, stable relationships as the key to promoting competence in young children.” (Dobson 8)

One of the arguments against homeschooling is that homeschooled students may not perform as well as the students in traditional school.  Traditional schools take pride in the fact that only they know how to teach students.  However, recent studies have confirmed that homeschooled students outperform traditional school students in standardized tests.  In fact, they perform significantly better in all subjects compared to students in traditional schools.

Another argument against homeschooling is the perception that homeschooled students have inadequate socialization.  The idea is that it is only in traditional schools where children can be fully socialized.  On the contrary, it does not follow the students in traditional schools are fully socialized. In fact, there are a number of students in traditional schools who are social misfits such as the geeks, and loners who are typically ostracized in school. The perception of homeschooled students having inadequate socialization has no basis since the curriculum of homeschooled students includes exposure trips in museum or community. Parents include socialization with other homeschooled students as part of their program (Joye 107).  They also have outside activities such as volunteer works, join clubs and participate in sports.  To say that they are stuck at home studying their lessons is preposterous and baseless. 

            Parents now prefer homeschooling their children not only because of violence or religion or drugs or poor quality of education. They prefer it because of the realization that it offers much more advantages than traditional schooling.  Educated parents know that if they remain committed to giving their children the best education possible they can do it with the right help.  The realization that homeschooling is much better is the reason why homeschooling is slowly being recognized in the community. With the various materials now available, more parents will continue to prefer homeschooling. 

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