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Friday, April 4, 2014

Essay on Arguments against Marriage

Essay on Arguments against Marriage

            The idea of marriage has always been considered a commitment of two people to one another. Embedded in this union are specific obligations and responsibilities couples need to fulfill. That is why there are those who choose not to get married. Here are some significant reasons that influence people not to get married.

            An important reason why people do not seek to get married are the corresponding roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. By getting married, it is understood that couples need to recognize that their roles and functions need to be shared and appropriately communicated. This means that one needs to consider not only his/her welfare but also that of his partner (Gadoua, 2013). For example, every decision must be a consensus among the couple especially on areas such as career, money and particular obligations. Some people find this difficult to deal with and would not consider marriage as an option.

            Financial security is also another reason why people should not marry. More often than not, there would be increases in expenditures of couples who decide to get married. These costs can be related to starting a family, acquiring new property or car. Others find this challenging because they do not have the necessary financial freedom to sustain these needs. That is why many try to save up before the marriage because of this issue. Likewise, it also becomes a reason for others not to get married (Mukhopadhyay, 2012). A good example to describe this scenario would be when man marries woman and the woman decides not to work to take care of children. The income of the household is halved and the family suffers due to their inability to sustain expenditures.

            People also use emotional maturity as a reason to not marry. It considers the ability of an individual to handle and maintain relationships. Given that marriage requires areas related to commitment and responsibility, some find it difficult to maintain this. Couples who try to get married but lack the necessary dedication to their union often struggle and end up being separated or divorced (Moosa, 2014). These different uncertainties and emotional challenges during marriage end up scaring people and creating the decision

            Differing priorities is also another valuable reason why many do not dwell into marriage This means that instead of settling down with their partner, one is busy with either career development or pursuing other interests (Cohen, 2013). For many, this remains to be significant given the increasing amount of responsibility associated with starting a family as well as the corresponding costs to actually be considered well-off. That is why many forego marriage at the later part of their life so as to amass either professional success or financial stability.

            Lastly, there is the issue of commitment. This means that individuals find it difficult to settle down with one partner. For some, it occurs at the later stage of their life while others do not arrive to such decision at all. Nevertheless, this reason remains to be valid because of the necessary investment required in marriage. These people see the value of living a single life and alongside the benefits it carries especially on areas related to relationships and commitment.

            Overall, there remains to be different reasons why people choose not to marry. The purpose vary depending on individual behavior as well as existing priorities of the ones involved. Whichever the cause might be, there are certainly benefits when people choose the single life. It opens ways for people to enjoy life in a different. Thus, at the end of the day, it remains to be a personal choice that one can seek to pursue.

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