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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Essay on Engineering Ethics

Instructions: the paper should analyze the issue to see if is ethical or not, using the right test, justice test, utility test and virtue test if they are appropriate to the subject. 

SITUATION Many professional engineering societies and organizations publish journals, newsletters, or other collections of writing to inform their members of recent research and advances. One such organization is dedicating an upcoming issue of their monthly publication to ethical issues in your field within the context of the National Academy of Engineering's 14 "Grand Challenges" that face the engineering profession ( Because college students represent the future of engineering practice, the editors of this publication seek papers from students that consider the realities of today's world and reflect on the continuing or evolving ethical responsibilities of engineers. Your department has received a call for position papers asking for student perspectives on ethics and engineering. 

ASSIGNMENT Part of the definition of ethics is "the science of the good and the nature of the right." Every engineer must constantly deal with the ethical responsibilities of his or her specific field of study. Each field has provided histories of and presents opportunities for dealing with ethical situations and issues. It is imperative that engineers in training begin to formulate ethical stances on issues relevant to their future work. In addition, engineering students must communicate with each other (in and out of their own disciplines) about their personal ethics in order to develop a professional ethical framework for dealing with problems as future colleagues and leaders. Also needed are the skills to communicate these beliefs to an international audience. 

Consider one of the Grand Challenges and write a 7-9 (double-spaced) page position paper on an ethical issue related to that topic. There will be various points of view to consider, so it would be you will need to consult several sources. You should include at least 2 visuals, and citations should be in IEEE format. You should locate a copy of your discipline's Code of Ethics. (You can find the NSPE Code or a discipline-specific code, such as IEEE.) Additionally, there are several handouts on Blackboard under Content describing various ethical paradigms that we will discuss in class; you should directly use some or all of these concepts in your essay. 

Consider the Purpose, Audience, and Structure associated with this assignment: Purpose: Your purpose is to inform and persuade the organization's membership (professional colleagues in your field) and, possibly, encourage them to take action on some level. You are to deal specifically with one area of engineering. This is a position paper on ethics, so be sure to emphasize your opinion. 

Audience: Your audience will be professional engineers. A big part of your challenge will be to make this examination of ethics relevant to your readers. You need to use an appropriate tone and provide the readers information they don't know already. 

Structure: The structure should support your main point with evidence in a clear order. There should be a logical progression to the paragraphs. The paper's emphasis will depend on the point you're defending, but you will need to include counter argument.

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