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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Policy Research Paper on Affordable Care Act

·         TOPIC: Affordable Care Act
·         Problem Identification: Describe the nature and extent of this public problem (lack of universal health care or issues with affordability and accessibility to health care). Why is this issue a public problem? What are the problematic conditions? What rationales(before intervention; which is enacting the health care act)— economic, moral and political (see below for definition and types)—are used to justify public intervention? In another words, what caused the government to come up with such a policy? What was their justification (economic, moral, political) for doing that?

·         Policy Process Analysis: Focus on and describe a policy (Affordable Care Act) that addresses this public problem at one particular level of government (federal). Choose a stage of the policymaking process (policy adoption/legitimation), and discuss your policy in the context of this stage of the policymaking process. Some possible questions to consider: What are the key issues at this stage of the policymaking process? What are the key disagreements, challenges or concerns at this policymaking stage? What facilitates the successful movement of the policy through this policymaking stage?

·         Be sure to address (and expand on) the following question as well: Why is it so difficult for Congress to process an issue like comprehensive health care reform, and why and how did a bill finally pass during the Obama administration?

·         Students should cite concepts discussed in class well as additional research in their analysis. As noted in the class syllabus, research sources should be reliable and scholarly. A reference list should be included using APA format for citation style. The paper also should include page numbers.
 Other key components of a successful paper include: · Clear, concise prose. Proofread closely for grammar and spelling; avoid passive sentence construction and wordiness; and write in a professional tone. · Clear and thorough definitions of concepts used with supporting examples. Assume your audience is unfamiliar with these concepts, and use examples to explain them. · Clear paper organization. Include an introductory paragraph, thesis sentence, paragraph topic sentences and conclusion

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