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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Visit Movie Analysis: An Insight on Becca’s Character

Shyamalan’s The Visit is a thriller movie of 2015 revolving around the week-long vacation of two children in the house of their grandparents whom they have not yet seen. One of the interesting characters in the film is Becca, the older of the two.

One of Becca’s passions is in film making. Because of that, she made a documentary focusing on the visit. Tyler, the younger brother of Becca, has been her assistant in the documentary. While making the documentary, she found out that her mother left her grandparents’ house because of a dispute which her mother did not want to discuss. The argument was the cause of the non-communication of the two parties. This knowledge encouraged her more to make the documentary in order to have a closure to this unresolved problem. It seems that she became obsessed with the idea to make something right in their family despite their father leaving them.

            At the start, it is noticeable that Becca is likely to turn a blind eye to something wrong with their family. Even when her Nana, the grandmother, has been doing weird and scary things, like the time when she ordered her to go inside the oven or when she “accidentally” put cookie batter on her laptop’s camera, she did not want to admit there was something wrong and just dismissed the idea. Again, this may be because she wanted to view her family nearly as perfect as possible.

Later in the movie, it was said that Becca never looked in the mirror after their father left. Tyler sees it as a sign that she sees herself as worthless. She then revealed that she never forgave their father for leaving them. This may be the reason why she wanted reconciliation for her mom and her grandparents. Because she herself cannot forgive, she became preoccupied with making things right.

Towards the end of the film, it was revealed that their grandparents have tried to communicate with their mother long before the visit. Their mother said reconciliation was possible if she wanted to. Tyler was even able to make fun of what happened through a rap. This last part was a lesson for Becca – she only has to learn how to forgive.

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