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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Essay on Internet Freedom: A Right that shall be enjoyed by all Citizens

 Internet Freedom: A Right that shall be enjoyed by all Citizens

Should internet freedom be considered as a basic human right to be enjoyed by all people across the world? For people to experience the true essence of democracy, any form of repression of internet freedom must be abolished.  In the recent speech of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Clinton challenged the private sector to uphold internet freedom and urged companies to ensure that their internet technologies are not used as tools of repression. In her speech Clinton stated that "Whether you like it or not, the choices that private companies make have an impact on how information flows -- or doesn't flow -- on the Internet and mobile networks," Clinton told an audience at the Freedom Online Conference. "They also have an impact on what governments can and can't do." ( Elise Labott. CNN. Clinton presses companies, governments to protect Internet freedom.

In the aforementioned article of Elise Labott, it was likewise mentioned that “Since taking office, Clinton has made the spread of information technology and Internet freedom a cornerstone of her foreign policy, hoping both will serve as catalysts for spreading democracy and economic development. She has already delivered two major speeches on the topic in which she has pushed for an end to Internet restrictions around the world, warning that nations that suppress online activity will suffer an economic cost. Clinton told the audience Internet freedom should be considered a human right.”

In this modern world where internet is indeed a part of one’s daily life, Clinton’s stand on internet freedom shall be well supported and considered by states since the exercise of some of the rights such as freedom of speech and the right to information unavoidably depend  on the internet. The use of internet shall not be restricted because restricting its use will also restrict the exercise of some of human rights. Admit it or not, the internet plays a major and significant role on how the people exercise some of their rights. It is a powerful tool where people, most of time, express their thoughts, opinions, views and stand on life, love, society, morality, and particularly on political issues. 

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Therefore, the use of internet shall not be repressed as long as the use thereof will not violate the rights of others and will not constitute a crime.  It is a part of freedom; it is a part of democracy that shall be enjoyed by all people around the globe.

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