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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Literary Analysis on "Stuff is not Salvation"

            When a person opens his television, it is not unusual to see television commercials advertising a particular product.  These commercials will make it appear that the products they are advertising are essential.  They will convince their viewers that that they must have purchase their products.  They will encourage their viewers to purchase these products not only because they are the best but because they are also the latest in technology.  They will also make it appear that owning their products will make a person look “cool.” 
            Marketing gimmicks has become a part of the US culture.  Perhaps, it started from the time when products were created and there was a need to sell these products.  Thus, wherever one goes, he usually sees different companies advertising their own products from billboards to newspaper advertisements and even the internet.  These marketing gimmicks have one purpose – to encourage the public to consume more.  The more we consume the more they earn. 
            With this culture, it is not surprising that the Americans are some of the most materialistic people of the world.  This can be attributed to our constant exposure to commercial advertisements.  As a result, the Americans have started to identify themselves with different products.  They have thought that they need the products being sold over the internet and that these products will make them complete or will help them gain more friends or will help them become more popular.   The manufactures and producers are partly to blame for what the people in this country have become. 
            We have lost our identity.  We have lost our soul.  We have forgotten that what is essential is invisible to the naked eye.  The material things being sold in television or over the internet are not essential.  They can never make a person complete.  They can never make a person happy.  It is no wonder more Americans go home late at night feeling empty from inside.  They may have all the riches in the world and all the properties they can buy but they are hurting inside.  Consider the cases of many celebrities who have gone into drug addition or alcohol addiction.  Most of us would want to trade every thing just we could experience living their lives not realizing that these people are also hurting deep inside because they are lonely and sad. 
            I agree with Anna Quindlen.  She said that “The happiest families I know aren't the ones with the most square footage.”  It is time for us to realize that having less is more.  There are times when have less possession can be better as it will help us appreciate more the things that we have.  It will make us love more the things that we have.  In the end, what is most important is relationships.  What is most important are a person’s family, friends, relatives and loved ones.  It is our relationship with the people we truly love that matters the most.  Relationships matter the most because they make us happy and they make us complete. 

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