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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Research Paper on the Absolute Ban Against the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

A Research Paper on the Absolute Ban Against the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

The non-use of cell phones while driving will certainly save lives. Texting or calling while driving is indeed a serious distraction to drivers which should be prohibited for the purpose of avoiding road accidents that can claim innocent lives. Considering that there is accompanying danger in the use of cell phones while driving, a law should be enacted to impose penalties for those who will be found guilty of such act to ensure the welfare and safety of the public. 

At present, the District of Columbia and 35states ban texting while driving while only 9 states and the District of Columbia ban hand-held cell phone use. Unfortunately, there is no state which has enacted laws against the use of cell phone while driving. While these people agree to some extent that the use of cell phones while driving should be prohibited, the prohibition should be applicable to the use of hands-free phone. 

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However, the welfare of the public should be the state utmost concern. Hence, there shall be a law which specifically prohibits the use of cell phones while driving whether handheld or hands-free because of the danger that such action can bring to the lives of the drivers, passengers and other motorists. The possible accident that this action may cause may lead to death, physical dismemberment and physical disabilities, not to mention emotional and mental stress that the victims may suffer should they survive the accident. 

By using cell phones while driving, drivers become less attentive on the road and drivers usually fail to observe alert driving. In effect, accidents whether serious or minor ones are most likely to happen.
In fact, recent studies by David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, say that in a simulation test, drivers who have .08% alcohol were even faster to step on the brake and cause fewer crashes compared to drivers who are sober but use their cell phones while driving. 

The safety of all motorists and all people on the street should be the primary concern of the state and as well as all citizens considering that driving with due care and attention will prevent everybody from becoming victims of senseless road accidents. However, using cell phones while driving is a habit among drivers which cannot be prevented except when there is a corresponding punishment for such act. Therefore, legislators should push for the enactment of a law which specifically prohibits the use of cell phones while driving. 

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