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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Research Paper on the Efficiency of Internet and Social Media Marketing in Selling a Product or Service

A Research Paper on the Efficiency of Internet and Social Media Marketing in Selling a Product or Service 

The internet nowadays is the most powerful means of communication, advertising, marketing and information dissemination.  Thus, it is believed that internet marketing is a very important factor in the saleability of a particular product. The easiest way to sell one’s product is through the internet. In the field of marketing, it has been an established fact through the years, that the sale of a particular product becomes more remarkable if it is being marketed via internet specially through the use of different types of social media and search engine like yahoo or google. 

The success of marketing through the internet is made possible because of unlimited information about the product that is readily available to consumers in the internet. Marketing in the internet does not only mean posting the picture of the product with some information. Internet marketing also involves posting of positive articles about the product through the use of blog so that when consumers look for a product that they need or they wish to buy, these informative and nice articles will be available to them in the net that will certainly entice them to buy. 

In view of the success of internet and social media marketing, owners of businesses, whether big, medium or small rely on marketing via internet to sell their products or services.There are several reasons why internet and social media marketing are huge success. First, social media is the best venue for companies to build relationships with their valued clients.  In the past, there was nothing that the client can do if he is frustrated with a product or service, as there was no proper venue to raise his frustrations.  However, with the use of Twitter and Facebook nowadays, consumers can easily reach out to the proper company or business owner whose initial reaction is to address the consumer’s complaints and make amends as needed. 

Second, social media and the internet are the best venues to build and establish one’s brand. As previously discussed, blogging is an effective tool for the company to share information to its consumers about the company, its mission and vision, its CEOs, its history, values and its purpose. A consumer who wants to get information from the company need only to go to the company’s website and read its blog posts and he will be able to get the information that he needs.

Third, internet and social media helps the company to control negative publicity. Since the advent of internet technology, most companies have become more conscious about the opinions of their clients, whether good or bad.  Through internet and social media marketing, companies nowadays have been able to manage and address each complaint that they receive from every consumer. The reason for this is that companies are aware that consumers can easily vent his frustration online which can go viral in youtube. With the help of social media, companies can easily appease the frustrated client and respond to his complaints.

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 Fourth, social media and internet in general is the best tool to inform consumers of the latest promotions of a product or service.  Many companies offer sales and discounts to their valued clients through the internet which is the fastest way to communicate with their clients. 

Fifth, internet and social media are good tools for companies to be aware of their competitors. By monitoring different websites and social media sites, companies usually would have ideas on the marketing strategies of their competitors and that can be the basis for a more catchy and attractive promotions of their products.   Considering that everything is out in the open because of the internet, the internet and social media marketing are playing fields that can even give the small companies the opportunity to compete with big companies.

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