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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Research Paper on Dishonesty in the Medical Profession: Why Doctors should Not Lie

A Research Paper on Dishonesty in the Medical Profession: Why Doctors should Not Lie 

Through the years, there has been a perennial debate on the acceptability of lying in the medical profession especially if the same is done for the welfare of the patient. To those who are in favor of lying for a cause which, usually is for the purpose of preventing any possible emotional and psychological problems on the part of patients who are terminally ill, there is nothing wrong with lying and the same should be an acceptable act due to its noble purpose and good intention. On the other hand, lying in the medical profession, no matter how good the intention is should not be done by any medical professional as each patient deserves to know the truth.   

However, recent surveys show that lying is not only being committed by physicians for the purpose of saving the patient from depression or emotional problem but sadly, it is also being committed for the purpose of earning additional professional fee. This happens when a doctor tells to his patient that he needs certain medical procedure when in fact, such procedure is not needed as other medication can still be resorted to.  This type of lying is absolutely unacceptable and unethical.  Doctors committing this type of lying should be reprimanded for not being true to their oath which certainly mandates that a patient’s life and safety should prevail over whatever money that they will earn from treating the patient.  Hence, a doctor who lies to his patients for money is a disgrace to the medical profession. 

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The truth is that patients deserve to know their real medical condition since they have the right to decide about their health.  Therefore, lying in order to prevent depression or emotional breakdown on the patient is likewise not acceptable. Lying in the medical profession should not be allowed at all times and in all instances.  Details about a patient medical condition should be fully disclosed including the errors committed by the doctor. At the end of the day, the patient should be the one to decide on the procedure or medication that he will take based on the medical advice that he receives from his doctor. It is a fact that patients engage the services of a physician to obtain his medical expertise. As such, physician should be honest so that the patient can make the right decision for himself. 


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