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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Impact of Fatherhood and Motherhood on Work and Organizational Careers

Impact of Fatherhood and Motherhood on Work and Organizational Careers

Critically discuss the different ways in which fatherhood and motherhood impact on work and organizational careers in the early 21st century.

It is undeniable that fatherhood and motherhood has a huge impact on work and organizational careers in the early 21st century. This presents a significant challenge on the part of the parents to have a balanced approach in handling their responsibilities in the family and at work.

The concept of “working father” is necessary because it helps to emphasize the reality that it is not only the mothers who can take care of the children. Fathers can also be able to use a balanced approach so that they can take care of the children while still being able to perform well at work (Ranson 749). This is particularly true in the cases of single fathers who must do everything that is necessary to make sure that they are able to provide the needs of their children now that the mother is gone. The concept of “working father” would change dominant conceptions of masculinity in the sense that it would help to expand the interpretation of this concept and make fatherhood become better appreciated by society. This is because most people usually only give credit to the mothers for raising the children well. However, now that the concept of “working father” has already been introduced, the people will become more open minded and aware that fathers can also do a good job in doing the roles that mothers typically do, particularly with regard to child care. Men’s work does not generally accommodate active involvement in family responsibilities because they are so focused and driven in finding money to provide for the needs of the family to the extent that they are willing to render overtimes (Kugelberg 158). For most fathers, for as long as they can financially support the family and be an effective breadwinner, they are already fine with this because they already know that the mother will take care of the family responsibilities.

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The difference between the “new man” and man in “new circumstances” is that the “new man” pertains to the new ideological aspects that have emerged which are connected to the definition of masculinity, and most of these new ideologies are geared towards promoting gender equality (Ranson 746). On the other hand, man in “new circumstances” pertains to a more practical application in the sense that men have to deal with new situations at present, including being a working father, in order for them to sustain their family and still be able to be productive in their other responsibilities. This difference seem to influence gender relations in the sense that men have become more appreciated and respected by the society while not really taking away anything from the hard work being exerted by women in raising their children and taking care of the family.

Masculine identities of men who share the care of their children change and then impact their careers in the sense that they become more inspired and at the same time pressured to do well at work because they know that they have to provide for the needs of their children. They have to not only be the breadwinner but also be like the mother and perform those roles, so these men need to find a way to strike a balance (Kugelberg 165). What the findings of the Ranson article suggest about the possible future of organizational policies and practices on work-life balance is that they will most likely be supportive of working fathers to make them do well in both aspects of their lives (Ranson 741). The findings of the Ranson article indicate that organizational policies and practices in the future will be geared towards making sure that the working fathers can have the flexibility to focus on their personal lives and careers and achieve success on both sides.

There is no doubt that the findings of the studies indicate that a gender revolution is already happening. Men are already doing the responsibilities of mothers by becoming working fathers, and so this must be good for working women/mothers because they will not be alone anymore in terms of having to shoulder the pressure of providing for the financial needs of the family and taking care of the children.

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