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Monday, December 19, 2011

Essay on Same Sex Marriage - Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Improves Health

Are you looking for sound arguments in favor of gay marriage or same-sex marriage?

Most students argue that allowing same sex marriage protects the rights of gays and lesbians which is covered under the equal protection clause.   

However, other than this there seems to be no strong arguments in favor of same-sex marriage.

Are you aware that same-sex marriages may improve the health of gays and lesbians? 
Studies say that gays and lesbians are more likely to suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts compared to heterosexual men and women.  They also suffer from isolation and seclusion.

A good argument in favor of same sex marriage is the recent study that the legalization of same sex marriages may create a healthy environment for them.  The American Journal of Public Health found that the number of visits by gay men to health clinics dropped significantly after same-sex unions were allowed in Massachusetts

The researchers concluded that same-sex marriages make gays and lesbians happier which lead to a healthier life.


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