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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Essay on The Effects of Global Warming: Save the Earth, Save the Human Race

Essay on The Effects of Global Warming: Save the Earth, Save the Human Race

Do you know that global warming can lead to environmental degradation which will result to the earth’s total destruction?  Global warming is something that we shall not take for granted.  

Global warming can cause massive inundation, super typhoons, strong hurricane, and killer diseases due to extreme weather conditions. As early as now, the effects of global warming are devastating. Based on recent study, global warming will likewise cause drought by the end of the century and Africa will be the most affected place. These droughts will cause famine which will probably lead social unrest and war.

Global warming can kill thousands of people through natural calamity, it can destroy properties, and the destructions cost millions of dollars. It is something that can lead to the destruction of ecosystem and natural environment. The worse scenario will be the total destruction of the entire human race.

These are just few effects of global warming which are no longer based on predictions, studies and comprehensive research since these effects are already being experienced by several states in different parts of the globe. 

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The question is that what are the relevant and tangible steps that the states have accomplished so far to address global warming?  Although  leaders around the world have recently convened in South Africa to discuss and formulate ways to address global warming, are the present ways to prevent  global warming  efficient and sufficient enough to minimize the devastating effects of natural calamities?

Therefore, it is concluded that leaders shall unite and work harder and states shall likewise combine all their resources to address and prevent global warming. We shall always remember that saving the earth means saving the human race.

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