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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Essays on Internet Activities that Abet Cyber Crimes: Ways of Combating Cyber Crimes

Internet Activities that Abet Cyber Crimes: Ways of Combating Cyber Crimes

Nowadays, the internet activities are part of an individual’s everyday life. However, these internet activities, no matter how convenient and helpful these may be in our busy lifestyle, abet the commission of cyber crimes which are serious threat to personal, business and national security. Most cyber crimes that are usually committed are cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, identity theft, major cyber fraud, intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, system sabotage, data destruction, money laundering, and terrorism, among others. Studies show that cyber crimes can be easily committed because of the following activities:

  1. Social networking and the use of emails as primary form of communication in business and in the work place as well as personal relationship of all people around the world. The heavy uses of the foregoing communications have generated vulnerabilities to commission of cyber crimes. 
  2. Online banking, investment, retail, and wholesale trade transactions as well as intellectual property distribution through the use of internet are very susceptible to information theft, fraud, misappropriation and other cyber crimes.
  3. Cyber activities of foreign rogue governments and terrorist organization primarily for the purpose of raising funds for their espionage, warfare and terror campaigns.

Studies show that cyber crimes can no longer be committed by individuals with background in IT and computer programming. Any individual with an intention to commit a cyber crime can easily buy illegal and pirated software to carry sophisticated attacks. Thus, the information security can no longer be addressed by mere installation of a firewall.

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The following steps can help individuals and companies in combating cyber crimes:

  1. Internet users shall have a level of awareness in respect to the methods being usually used by cyber criminals. Companies must conduct an information campaign which aims to promote awareness on the different cyber crimes and the ways to prevent the commission of such crimes. 
  2. Companies and people using the internet for personal use shall install some anti-malware software on their computer system. They shall likewise ensure that their anti-malware is updated. 
  3. Scanning emails especially with large attachments is must. 
  4. Encryption of sensitive data stored in the computer.  It takes a longer period for hackers to open encrypted files which will give the owner of the files to take appropriate action as soon as a breach is detected. Financial data shall be encrypted at all times since these are the primary targets of cyber criminals. 
  5. Lastly, password to every single account (email, online banking account, social networking, and discount websites account) shall always be strong and hard to decrypt or decode.


The existence of laws against cyber crimes does not absolutely deter cyber criminals from committing cyber crimes. As a matter of fact cyber criminals are also in constant search of systematic ways to hack, decode and to enter into the system in order to commit the crime. It also worthy to note that cyber crimes are no longer committed by persons with IT and computer programming background. Due to existence of illegal and pirated software, cyber crimes can now be committed by anybody as he desires. In this regard, awareness and information dissemination on the ways to improve system security shall be the primary steps to fight cyber crimes. 

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