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Monday, July 25, 2011

Essay on Solutions to Global Warming - How to Save Planet Earth

Since the 1980s and the 1990s, the weather has become unusually warm.  We have also experienced frequent and intense extreme form of weather condition.  Unusually strong winds have been experienced in Europe.  Unusually strong and frequent hurricanes and typhoons in different parts of the world including flooding in Australia and Asia are becoming regular.  El Nino and La Nina phenomena are becoming more frequent.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has found that there is evidence of a rise of .6 °C and 7 ¾ rise in sea level during the 20th Century (Mark Maslin 7).  These are just some of the indications of global warming. 

Global warming is an ecological issue that has a lot of negative effects on the environment. Scientifically, global warming is defined as an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface air and oceans. This increase in the atmosphere’s temperature harms the environment. 

Global Warming is a phenomenon that was brought by human activities.  Global warming is a direct result of the immense increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Greenhouse gases on the other hand results from the burning of fossil fuels.  Every time we use gasoline for our cars, fuels for airplanes and coal and electricity fossil fuel is used and harmful greenhouse gas is emitted and released in the atmosphere which contribute to Global Warming.  

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This does not mean that human race is doomed.  In fact, scientists say that there is still time for us to do something about our present situation.  Something can still be done that can help prevent the total destruction of our planet.  If we can reduce the rate by which we release Carbon Dioxide and other harmful chemicals in the atmosphere it is possible that our planet will be able to stabilize itself.

First, one of the best strategies that can be used is to limit the use of cars.  The use of car is one of the best innovations of man.  However, it relies on gas which releases harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.  If we can only become less dependent on cars then we can help arrest the rapid destruction of our environment.  This can be done by allowing employees to work at home at least once a week.  This means that majority of the car owners do not have to travel to work at least once a week.  

Second, we can construct our buildings and houses in such a way that they consume less energy.  For example, green buildings are starting to become fashionable nowadays in many countries.  In fact, some countries require compliance with a certain standard that will make houses and buildings less dependent on energy.  These buildings are constructed in such a way that allows it to use the powerful rays of their sun, the rain water and the strong wind.  

Third, focus on harnessing the natural energy and the use of renewable energy in our daily living.  Solar panels and wind turbine can help reduce humanity’s dependence on artificial energy.  

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