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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Essay on Ethnicity

Even when I was a little boy I had always been dissatisfied with the situation in our country in Iran.  I was not pleased with the political situation since my countrymen were not given any freedom.  The government wanted to restrict public opinion.  The people who spoke against the government were either put into prison or exiled by the government.  At a young age, I began asking questions about my friends who are Jews who were victimized by some of the violent Muslim clerics in Iran.  I asked why Jews need to fear anybody.  I asked my parents why Jews cannot act like normal people and go out in streets without any fear of persecution.  I distinctly remembered wanting to help my Jewish brothers and sisters but my parents forbid me for fear of my own safety.

My feelings of doubt and uncertainty about the political and social situation in Iran were validated when I came here in the United States two years ago.  My parents made the decision to let me come here as immigrant to give me a better education and a better future.  Upon arriving here I immediately noticed the great disparity between the United States and Iran.  I was surprised to find out that the Jews in the United States are not being persecuted.  They are not being chased like criminals.  The Jews here also do not have to hide in their homes and they do not have to fear anybody.  Jews do not have to fear some Muslims here in the United States.  Jews can have a peace of mind here.

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In addition, the American people are more accommodating and open-minded.  The government is more tolerant of the people’s views and opinions.  Everyone is given the opportunity to speak their mind.  There are also laws that exist to ensure that the rights of the minorities are protected against any act of discrimination.  Independent organizations and trade unions are many which is an indication that minorities can organize themselves.  

Having lived both in Iran and the United States, I can say that I am in the position to compare their politics, government and culture.  I realized that one reason why the political and social situations in Iran are different from United States is freedom.  There is democracy in the United States.  I thought that the democracy being enjoyed by the people here in the United States does not exist in Iran.  I thought that it could have been better if democracy really exists in Iran.

Presently, I can say that I am enjoying my stay here in the United States.  I make it a point to become actively involved in school activities to meet new friends, learn new things and know more about the culture here in the United States.  I can say that my being a Jew who had lived in Iran and had experienced the difficulties of living as a minority in Iran has affected my decision making and selection making.  I think it has even affected my whole outlook in life.  While I have experienced greater freedom here in the United States, I remain aloof to everybody.  I am very careful with what I say and with what I do for fear that I may offend other persons.  I have friends who are non-Jews but I remain cautious so as not to offend anybody.  Whenever I make important decisions such as the school where I will transfer, the state or city that I will visit or the place where I will go to, I make it a point to check the situation there.  I try to make sure that there is no prior history of violence committed against a Jew.  Or, if possible I try to find out if there are other Jews who are my friends living within the area.  I am not being paranoid.  But I know that in this age and time every person need to be careful about his actions and the consequences of his actions. 

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